October 5th, 2005

[firefly] Can we go again?
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Review link.
(Cool) shite on the tube
Podcast no.25 (Sun, 04 Sep 2005), includes a very positive review of Firefly/Serenity/The Signal.
Language and Spoiler warning.

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Ok so I asked about desktop themes the other day, now I'm asking about LJ themes - I'm crap at making my own (if you peek at my lj you'd see that!) but I'm achin for a Firefly/Serenity style now..

Any shiny designers out there?
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Don't ask me how I know this but I do

UK readers will understand why this is odd right away. For the rest of you, I will explain in a second. :)

Serenity got a 4-star review in Heat. Bloody HEAT! It wasn't their lead review (that was Kinky Boots, which has nothing to do with anything except that it also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor) but it's there. four stars. "Don't let the unfamiliarity put you off - this is witty sci-fi."

This is of course a very good thing but, Heat is the tawdriest celebrity magazine in the country which is more picture of celebrity unable to get out of car without flashing underwear and oh look, breasts, we've never seen those before! than it is actual writing, and I wouldn't expect them to give anything GOOD a big fat 4/5. But they did so fair play to them. Fingers crossed that, and this is the only time I will ever say this, people will listen to them and go see it...

(Alright, I bought it this week because of the review, and because there's an interview in it with Stephen Fry. But that really doesn't have anything to with Serenity so, shutting up now...)

Edit: hand on a minute. Maybe this isn't a good thing. Oh crap. Is being featured in Chronically Dumb Publiactions EVER a good thing???


Can anyone tell me if there's a site somewhere where I can watch the Firefly dvd easter egg of Adam Baldwin singing "The Hero of Canton"? I can find screencaps and instructions, but not an actual video. I have a friend needs cheering up, and that seems like the perfect solution. :)

the fall 2

At the risk of repeating myself ...

I posted this awhile ago, but there are new people on the list and some new ordering info, so I thought I would repost. :)

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Greetings to all you Firefly fans out there!

There is now the fabulous Firefly Episode Guide, which yours truly wrote. It has an introduction to the world of Firefly and a general overview, a description of all the main characters, some history and background, and an explanation of the language and culture. Then each episode has a cast list, original airdate, a synopsis of the episode, followed by an indepth critique that comments upon themes, patterns, logic flaws, and whatever else struck me as being interesting, relevant, or worth talking about. After that is a pointer list of interesting factoids about the episode - Chinese influences, Chinese translations, things to take note of, interesting behind-the-scenes facts, etc.

The book can be purchased from either myself or from the publisher, Windstorm Creative. It should also be available from Amazon soon. The book retails at $12.99. Windstorm charges $10.39, +$5 for shipping and handling. I sell the book for $15, including shipping to most addresses in the US. And if you buy the book from me, the author, you of course can get it signed! Simply send me an email! Coolness.

Be shiny, keep flyin', and never kiss 'em on the mouth. ;)

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Happy Capitalist

Fresno Browncoats


this is for all the local BCs who arent part of our yahoo group

we are hitting Edwards at 8:10 on thursday the 5th for a viewing of our Big Damn Movie

I have a finite amount of t shirts (small and xl are the only sizes I have and only about 5 each) I will have them with me to hand out to anyone who shows up and they will fit

Also have a bunch of keychains
1x1, transparent

Where is the 'Verse?

I'm sure it's come up before. Where, physically, are all the worlds of the Firefly and Serenity 'verse?

I've seen plenty of speculation, but I think it's been pretty well established that the 'verse is a single solar system. We fled the Solar system on generation ships and arrived elsewhere, another solar system with lots of rocky worlds (not so farfetched, really, for reasons I won't go into here). But where is it?

I've heard some references to 61 Virginis (a.k.a. Gliese 506 or HD 115617). It's a reasonable candidate -- a G6V star 28 light-years from here with a high abundance of heavy elements. Hard to believe there's nothing closer, though.

I saw a couple of graphics supposedly of the Firefly system, but it didn't seem to have all of the worlds found in the Serenity Visual Companion.

Anyone have any info?

Serenity icon

I'm not one for making a lot of different icons, but I'm really happy with the one I made tonight. It's sort of a new mantra for me — I'm sure most of you will recognize it, and understand.

It's my new default icon...Serenity, in more ways than one.
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