October 7th, 2005

megatokyo blurb

Click! (it's spoiler free)

Dom's blurb on Megatokyo this week (shown with a picture of Mal) was all about his experience watching Serenity after having avoided anything joss whedon for years(including firefly). It was posted on monday, so sorry if this is late, or you've seen it already.


Go see it this weekend, even if it's for the second time!

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Glee me!

New Vid!

Source: Firefly (no Serenity spoilers!)
Music: Fly Away From Here - Aerosmith
Length: 4:05
Summary: A vid that focuses a bit on Mal and how his crew and his ship helped change him. It celebrates the whole family though, and gives each character (and relationship) a time to shine.
Download: AVI, 45mb or WMV, 17mb

If you are interested, you can find many more of my vids here!
The look

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So a little more help...if I could...(I'm a bit needy...heh..)

The vest that we see Wash wearing all the time, the black one. Does ANYONE know where I might be able to buy one that looks like it? I've been looking around, but I don't really know what it would be listed under. It's a vest....but..it looks like a fishing vest...idk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated^^ Thanks!!
evil ammitbeast


Last night I watched the "Firefly" pilot again.  In the closing credits I noticed that one of the associate producers is named Brian Wankum.

Gotta wonder if he heard a lot of Jayne "I'll-be-in-my-bunk" jokes on the set.
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Ephiny- Amazon Queen

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I'm so jealous of everyone who got into Firefly way back when. I had never even HEARD of it until I saw a preview for Serenity. I am sad though that I missed out on all the opening night fun... I am in love with going to midnight shows and dressing up. I am a cosplay fandom fanatic BUT alas I am still only half way through the series. I have the final 2 discs comming. They should be here by Mon. or Tues. I will once again try to review the episodes and then AS SOON as I finish the last episode I swear I am heading to the theatre so I can talk about Serenity... I CANT wait until I can click those cut tags that say "SPOILERS" I need more Firefly!!! I am geting that sam obsessed feeling get from XENA and LOST... I am trying to cope with the idea that I have just fallen madly in love with Firefly and that it is such a short series...I am just making ALL kinds of theories in my head as to what might happen in the movie and I just need to get the next episodes from netflixs! grrr..

OH also... Summer Glau is insanely beautiful... ESPECIALLY when she smiles.. Can anyone tell me what nationality she is? I know she was born in Texas but does anyone know what her heritage is?

Firefly Cast Goodies!

Hey everyone! I emailed my High Quality image contact last night asking if she could get her hands on any HQ "Serenity" stills or cast images... and she did. I have a few of them (8) up on the Extras page at my artwork/fanfic website:


I've got:

1 Mal/Jayne
1 Inara
1 Jayne

1 Adam Baldwin
1 Adam/Nathan
1 Adam/Jewel
1 Summer Glau
1 Morena Baccarin

And lots more to go around when I have the time to update :) Hope you enjoy the pics!

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"Serenity" Saturday matinee - San Mateo, CA

So here is my plan for tomorrow:

I will be going to the 11:35am matinee showing at the San Mateo Century theater. It is about as close to the San Mateo Caltrain station as you can get without being in the station proper. There is also parking and it is accessible via SamTrans (the 292, 390, & 391 buses all drop off nearby on El Camino Real).

There is a little cafe right across the sidewalk from the ticket booth --no, I don't remember it's name, but you'd be hard-pressed to miss it-- I will likely get there between 10:30 and 11. Afterwards, we can adjourn to one of several dozen eateries for lunch and discussion of the Big Damn Movie.

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