October 10th, 2005

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Pimp time...

I've recently opened a Kaylee fic archive. Basically I'm looking to archive only the best Kaylee-centric or Kaylee-relationship fics that are out there. I'm archiving any pairing, any rating, anything, as long as it's about Kaylee, and it's good, its fair game.

What I need most right now, though, are recs. Recommendations of what people think are the very best Kaylee fics they've read. You can rec something you've written, or something someone else has written, either way is fine - but if you rec something of your own, please don't take it the wrong way if it doesn't get added!

The site is here: As Chocolatey As Possible.

I'm still working through some permissions I've been granted since I launched the site last week, so there are still more to be put up - but I'm about to go to bed and wanted to get this post out there!

One last thing - if you want to rec something that someone else wrote, don't worry about getting permission before you rec it. I'll contact all authors myself before I archive anything, so if you want to rec a fic that you've read and loved, please do! There's contact info on the site, or just drop a comment here!

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New Picspam Community

I thought this might be a fun idea for this crowd...I'm a member of a community like this for the LOTR Fandom and we have a blast drooling over the beautiful people in those movies!

The first theme will be Group Cast shots...


I could also use a bit of help in the moderating department.
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Serenity No.1 at UK box office

#Edited to include actual figures#


Feeling very proud as the UK shows what taste we have by making Serenity No.1 in it's opening weekend.

I haven't seen the final numbers yet, but we kicked a**!

That has made my otherwise crappy Monday into one of the best days ever - woohoo!

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Weekend Total: £958,816
Screens: 355
Screen average: £2,701

The screen average is well above any of the competition.
I make that around $1.6m or thereabouts.
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I've mentioned this to a lot of my friends, and I'm interested to see what you guys think.

I used to be a rabid ST:tNG loyalist as far as #1 top-amazing-best sci-fi shows is concerned. Obviously, upon seeing Our Mrs Reynolds back on 10/4/02 my heart foresworn to Gene Roddenberry was torn from my chest and shoved down Joss's throat. Or maybe Joss was shoved down my throat- no matter- I was IN LOVE. And I think I understand why. Why I became so latched and so absorbed and so desperate for the next episode- Joss manages to uphold a suspension of disbelief.

I never really got into Buffy or Angel- I'll admit that the writing was witty and keen and a fun time for everyone, but I could never just... get into it. I believe, when I watch Firefly. I believe, because- (now, wait for it.) There are no aliens.

There is no reason we can't watch an episode or three or thirteen and say "Yes. This is where we will be in five hundred years. This is where humans will have progressed to. I could live here I could be this person. I could do this." Because there's no reason not to believe. There's nothing in Joss's writing or what exists in this world he shows us that we don't already have traces of in our own society. With all other sci-fi shows there is something paranormal or extraterrestrial that we have no proof of or links to here on Earth, and it keeps you from being able to relate. There's no way to say, as humans in 2005, "Oh sure! We'll be rubbing elbows with spotty brown humanoids with washboard foreheads in NO TIME!" ...No. Just no. This is where Roddenberry and Lucas and O'Bannon (Farscape) and Straczynski (Babylon 5) all failed to connect with their audiences: Relativity.

I'm just so impressed by Joss's ability to make it tangibly realistic. He wins a hundred cookies from me for that.

Scans -> Spanish article

I finally watched the 3 of them in Sitges on TV and Nathan with the blue T-shirt and Summer in white looked very good..

*Some pics from Serenity in the Sitges Festival..



*Very good reviews in today's newspapers.. like this one which I scanned (no spoilers):

..the movie has something that makes it highly appealing, a taste for verbal wit and an original and very human description of the characters, especially the villain of the story, absolutely brilliant. In this way, without going away from its televison references it moves far from the typical clichés of science-fiction and it's full of action and life..

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flying spheres

review from Gardian magazine The Guide (UK) - oct 8/14 2005

Serenity (15)

From the wreckage of his canned TV series Firefly, Whedon salvages a rollicking space western that does nothing particularly ambitious or radical, but could be the most entertaining blockbuster of the year. It still feels like a TV series, following a roving ship of galactic renegades, but the clever plotting, likeable characters and snappy, post-cliché dialogue win through


Made a few wallpapers, thought I'd share them with you all. One is a grungy blend of River, one features Firefly promotional photos and the other two are UIP Serenity promos stitched together.

All of them can be found here.

Want, take, have, comment, and enjoy!
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Newcomer . . .

Hi. I just joined this community, and I though, 'cause a that, I'd hold out a little offering. I like making icons, and, though I'm not really good at it yet, I have a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy them, too.

These have all been posted on my journal, but never all together. There are 66 of them.


No real movie spoilers, just some sortahints if any of y'all are still worried about that. All caps are taken from the lovely wonderful amazing still-flying.net.

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