October 11th, 2005

Illegal Alien

Great image for desktop wallpaper

Found this stupendous hi-res image of the serenity ship flying over the train in The Train Job

It looks gorgeous on 1280 x 1024 screens, and would look just as fine on other res', I'm sure.

The website says the image is available for download, as long as proper credit is given. I've giving them credit by telling you this, and by linking to their main site. I believe they are responsible for some of the modeling/animation in the series.

If you want to check it out, follow the link below, go to the "Press" section, and scroll down to the images. It's the first image.

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Ideal Firefly Man/Woman

So who is your idea of the perfect man/woman in Firefly? My answer? Not so simple. None of the guys on Firefly are perfect for me. So I have a combination of the following aspects of each guy:
Book: His faith.
Mal: His conviction and loyalty.
Simon: His protectiveness and gentlemanliness (if those are real words!)
Wash: His humor and devotion.
Jayne: His strength.. and arms! Hehe.

So who's yours? Is it one particular Firefly guy/girl, or is it a combo like mine?
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Okay Firefly fans! How many of you are Simon/Kaylee shippers? I know I am! So I created imeantosay_ for all of us fans of that adorable couple! Go join and tell your fellow shippers! Post anything about the couple from graphics to fic to vids to discussion to whatever!

[misc] there's a picture on my kitchen

Sitges film festival pictures!

Hey everyone! This Sunday I was lucky enough of attending the Sitges Film Festival were they were showing Serenity. Walking around the hotel were the festival takes place I had the tremendous luck of finding out that they were doing the photo call with Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau right there, so I was able to take lots of pictures of them, and when they were done I was able to approach them and talk to Joss and even take pictures with all of them. It was an amazing day and they are really great people.

And I wanted to come here to share the pictures with you. Here.

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Houston Chronicle

Today's Houston Chronicle had an article entitled Zero-Gravity Feminism on the first page of the Entertainment section!
I was so excited I almost showed emotion at work. Yikes!
Zoe got the biggest picture but the article also mentioned Kaylee...said she was as comfortable in her engine grease covered dungerees as she was chasing the cute doctor! And, sci-fi obessesion beside, the best thing about Firefly, hands down, is the strong female BDH's!
Mutant Enemy

Happy Times with Serenity Merch

Ok so Samurai Comics just opened next to my house, I went in not expecting to find a lot of Serenit/Firefly stuff since the stuff sells out so quick, buuuuuuuut..

They had a Serenity Corner! I grabbed the first issue of the Serenity comic bouncing up and down...THEN I found a three ring binder with the movie picture on it (and the crew on the back), I opened it up and EEK! The complete trading card collection was inside!! So I grabbed that. THEN the woman who worked there said "Don't get that comic book" and I'm like "Why the hell not??" and she...BUSTS OUT A GRIP OF SERENITY COMICS! "Cuz there are more covers to choose from!" and what did I find??? JAYNE ON ISSUE #1!!! I grabbed that, the Shepherd Book on #2 (and a copy for my bro-in-law cuz he doesnt have it) and River on issue #3.


Inside the trading card folder there was a folded up Serenity poster...I asked the woman if it was free. She said yes, and looked to find me an unbent poster. Then she comes back and says "Sorry, we don't have any more buuuut YOU CAN HAVE THIS FREE SHIRT!" I was jumping up and down and took the free Serenity shirt. Then while she was ringing up my stuff she's like "Oh! Here are the posters! You can have this too!"

Eeeeeeeh! I was so happy!

Oh! I also got the Official Movie Magazine too! Which I've been reading during my breaks at work and before class. It's really intersting, I'm on the Wash article right now. So frickin sweet!

I heart Serenity, I heart Firefly and I frickin HEART that woman at Samurai Comics!!
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Got a question..

Hey, could any of you people recommend some good lyrics that would fit Simon/Kaylee? I'm thinking about making a layout but can't think of good text, and lyrics are always good.