October 15th, 2005


Serenity on Caprica

As a tribute to Serenity and Firefly, the special effects wizards at Zoic included a brief cameo for Serenity on Caprica in the pilot for Battlestar Galactica. Thought you'd love some screen caps...
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Also, I have heard rumors that one of the Reaver ships in Serenity is actually Battlestar Galactica... any truth to it?
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UK & US box office figures for the BDM

Hi all,

I didn't see this posted earlier, but I apologise if it's repetitive reading for anyone. It isn't entirely clear what time period these figures refer to, but I think it's just last weekend.

From Friday's Guardian (a UK newspaper) come these official box office figures:


Serenity = number 1

for the weekend of 7-9 Oct, it was appearing on 355 screens (which seems remarkably high, given that the sure-fire winner Pride and Prejudice - which Serenity knocked down into 2nd place - was on 411 screens)

it grossed 958,815 pounds that weekend (that's about US$1.7 million)


Serenity = number 8, down from number 2 previously

for the weekend of 7-9 Oct, it appeared on 2,189 screens

it grossed $5.35 million that weekend, and has grossed $18.02 million since release

PS the sci-fi club at my university is holding a Firefly marathon tomorrow. Several friends are going with me. I am determined to convert some of them!