October 24th, 2005

Signs to Serenity

Whilst doing a bit of grocery shopping, I ran across this at my local Fred Meyer, just sort of hanging out in the framed art section, with a bunch of other black Asian art squares. Of course, this one caught my eye immediately. A measly ten bucks? Worth every gorram penny. Who cares if I can't really afford it...right?

It's hanging in my cubicle at work now...

Serenity sign
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I have these print-outs of the Serenity logo, the cast, and a big Blue Sun logo on my door at my dorm. It's really cool to realize that it does help the cause!

today, walking back from lunch, a random girl from one of my classes stopped me (after she passed me) to ask about the Serenity movie, and if I was the one with the door. She saw the movie, and really liked it! I told her to see the series, and yet again- her boyfriend is interested too and they'll both be checking it out soon. Shiny!

What's really amusing is when friends of mine comment on how cute they think Nathan Fillion is, after seeing the movie. What got them to really want to see Firefly was my mentioning of how you get to see him nude (talking about "Trash" here). heehee. They get all wide-eyed and drooly, saying they absolutely have to finish the series. XD

anyone else have fun experiences like these? i know you do, so share!
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Serenity Comics

I'm looking to buy the Serenity comics later this month, and I had a question.
On CineQuest.com, they're selling, for $20.00, the three different versions of the cover art for each three of the comics. What I want to know is, is it just the cover art they're selling, or is it the cover art attached to the comics? I know, it seems such a stupid question, but before I shell out $80.19 (converted from US dollars to AU dollars) not including shipping, I'd like to know if I have to purchase the comics seperately, or if they are included.
Thanks in advance. :)