October 25th, 2005

Two questions

1. Has anyone else experienced a backorder of the Serenity Visual Companion? I just got notified by amazon.com that mine is on backorder. :<

2. For those who have only seen Firefly via Netflix rental:
Are the disks in the same order as in the box set? In other words, if you get Disk 1 from Netflix, does it start with the two-hour Serenity pilot? Or does Netflix order them randomly? One of my coworkers wants to see the disks and she has Netflix. Someone else who ordered them through Netflix told me that the disks came ordered in the wrong sequence from the box set. Since we all know *how important* it is to see the disks in the proper sequence, can someone answer this for me?
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River Tam Sessions

Hey guys-- anyone have links to all the River Tam Sessions that were part of the viral marketing campaign?

I have crap for internet at home, so I was hoping to save them all to disc in one fell swoop when I have better access.