October 26th, 2005

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OK, maybe I'm WAY behind on this, so if I am please forgive me...

I'm at work, and I just looked up at the list I have of all our branches. Addresses and phone numbers and whatnot. And I saw that one of our offices is on West Jubal Early Dr. O__O So I was like "WTF?!" and realized that his name must have been taken from elsewhere. So I looked it up, and discovered that Jubal Anderson Early was a General in the Civil War.

So maybe this is old news to everyone else, but I am feeling pretty proud of myself for finding that out! Let me enjoy my moment. ^_~

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About a week ago, I had a weird dream where Summer Glau came down with some kind of illness and I was asked to stand in for her. This is an interesting concept as I look nothing like her, nor am I a creature of extraordinary grace by any stretch of the imagination.

Two nights ago, I dreamed that I had to go to this little church in Tennessee (I live in Michigan, wtf) and it turned out to be Nathan Fillion's church, and I ended up sitting by him and we were talking about Firefly and stuff, and he asked to meet my sister (sigh...everyone loves my sister). The cool part about this dream was that he had decided that Mal was his true identity, so he was dressed as Mal right there in church. But...Mal doesn't like religion...? And I havent' so much as set foot in a church for months. Hella weird.

Now you all share your firefly-related dreams.
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I was watching the film Kinky Boots last night and I had a massive giggle fit. There, on the screen, was The Operative dressed in women's clothing and 5-in stiletto boots singing show tunes! Hehehe..

I was rolling during the scene where Lola (same actor who played The Operative) pulls a riding crop out of her boot. I was half expecting her to say, "Do you know what your sin is?" and beat some one to death. Then I thought, err...wrong film XD

X-posted - sorry for the repeat :)
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Kim Pine

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hey everyone (apologies for x posting)

im going down to serenity convention in a copupla weeks time and dont really know anyone and wondered if anyone wanted to hang out and be friends for the weekend? it would be nice for the lj fans to maybe meet up or something? i dont know if anyone has any ideas thatd be great, im going down friday night so hope to see you there!