October 27th, 2005

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Joss Hates Women

Told a co-worker about Firefly, let her borrow the first disc. She reported back that she'd seen most of the pilot episode and thought the show was "clearly written by a man" because of "all the female nudity". I asked her whether she's certain we both saw the same show, 'cause if it had a lot of naked women, I may have liked it even more than I previously did. She didn't like the introduction of Inara ("...but, she is a Companion--which by the way, means she is highly educated and has the most social status among the crew"); she didn't like Kaylee AT ALL, calling her cheerfulness and crush on Simon "cartoony" ("...but, she and Wash are the only two truly light-hearted characters... Kaylee overcompensating is a GOOD thing!"); and she thought the fact that Kaylee got shot proves Joss hates women (she didn't say "hates women", but when one points out the fact that a female character gets shot, one's point is not hard to follow). I was pretty much stunned as I listened. I had no idea a person could watch the same show as me and see it so differently. I mean, someone not liking sci-fi shows in general, I can understand, but this co-worker allegedly likes sci-fi. I tried not to sound pissy when I told her she may have a better perspective on Joss and his characters once she FINISHES THE GORRAM FIRST EPISODE instead of reacting immediately with some feminist stuff she just read about in a book the day before. Ok, ladies, calm down--I'm not entirely serious about that last comment. But seriously, you know the way people get when they have just studied something, and they see everything through the lense of the subject matter? To have watched half of "Serenity" the episode and see nothing but chauvinism... Well, I just don't get it. I asked her whether it's okay that Wash cracks jokes and typically chooses the easy way out of things, because male characters can be shallow and unthreatening, but not women. She disagreed, of course! I told her every character on that show gets shot and/or stabbed, male and female. I told her some episodes are written by a woman. Blah, blah. She watched a couple more episodes and reported back that she liked it more, but that Inara was boring, she wished Kaylee had died back in "Serenity", and that River annoyed the hell out of her... Simon was boring too, Jaynee was stupid (Hello... YEAH.). She liked the Shepherd. (Because he's non-theatening to her, I'm sure.) Anyway, I can only agree with her that Kaylee experiences close to zero growth throughout the series. But that may have come later, no?

I give up!

PS: Co-worker, if you're reading this, please don't be mad. It's all fun and games. Have some candy, go ahead! Please!

Edit: I'm aware of the irony of my "ok, ladies, calm down" statement. It's funny, isn't it? Ha ha! Why are only the fellas laughing? :D

I'll reply to everyone after work!

PPS: Looking over the quantity of responses to this post, I feel the need to utter a protracted, uniquely obscene Chinese statement involving elephant rectums and everyone's mother, but I won't because that would make me a sexist. I kid, I kid!

Today she tells me "I'm starting to get hooked." She wants the second DVD.

Joss is working his manly magic on her.
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Has anyone else here made a convert and then wished that they hadn't?

It's not that I don't want the word spread about Firefly and Serenity, but I was talking to my boss a few months ago about going to the premiere in Edinburgh and he mentioned that he liked sci-fi. I told him about the 'verse and a couple of weeks ago he told me he had been to see the movie and loved it (of course), and now he has borrowed my spare boxset and is watching the series. I asked how he was getting on with it yesterday and he was talking about how Jayne is his favourite character. It was all a bit surreal, and I'm now slightly freaked out as that line between what is personal and professional has been crossed. I'm having terrible thoughts about how he may start popping up in the forums and stuff!

So, I just wondered if this kind of thing had happened to anyone else?
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The Tams

After watching Safe again, I have come to the conclusion that the Tams, Simon and River's folks, knew and aided and abeited River's abduction and experimentation. Has anyone else come to this conclusion? They never would "see" the facts, and they simply tried to force Simon to look the other way. The way they acted clearly indicated their involvement.