October 30th, 2005


Straight to Video?

Okay, my Joss-Fan friend at work is spreading a rumor basically that if Joss doesn't make enough money for a second movie, there's a good possibility he is going to make a straight to DVD 14 episode box set.

Has anyone else heard this? Or is my friend being mean and playing my gullible-ness? lol
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Anyone know the kind of boots that River was wearing in Serenity.. I'm totally hot for them boots.

Any leads or links will be appreciated. I'll name my first child after you, if you can show me where i can get some.
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Any convention noise out there?

Anyone know if there is any noise about the cast showing up at any conventions next year?

I live on the east coast and have an annual conflict with Dragon*con (you have no idea how much that fact annoys me) and the only way I would go to California (which is where most of the sci-fi conventions seem to be) is if the whole cast would be present. I would love to get some autographs but I made a deal with myself a while ago that I would only collect autographs I could get in person (unless you are talking about recluses like Richard Dean Anderson - then you just have to swallow your pride and buy it because the man shows up to nothing!)

I can seem to find reliable pictures and info about past conventions but very little on future ones. Is is likely because they just aren't planning that far ahead or what?