October 31st, 2005


Happy Halloween

Hey, did anyone else dress up as a character from Firefly for Halloween? Post a link in the reply, I would love to see others' costumes.
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Edit:Gorram pictures were not linking properly. Have since tried to fix. Forgive me, I only have dialup.
I'm dressed as Inara on the right. I based my costume off of the one she wears in the beginning of Jaynestown. Except for slight details like not having the same fabric, I think it turned out looking pretty accurate. What do you think?
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What is Zoe's name?

Okay. Thanks to the movie, we now know for a fact that Wash's full name is Hoban Washburne. So what's Zoe's name? Variations I've seen:
  • Zoe Warren (IMDB)
  • Zoe Washburn (by extension from the movie)
  • Zoe Alleyne (sp?) (from the Visual Companion)
Given the fact that "Alleyne" is mentioned in one of Whedon's "mee-moes" as Zoe's name in the war, I think we can take it as canon that that's her maiden name, at least. So she's either Washburne or Alleyne. Not sure where "Warren" came from.

Okay, guess it's not much of a question. Still.