November 6th, 2005

Kirk Fail

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I need a little help.
Someone wrote a "Jaylee" fic and now I can't find it. :-( (The one with Kaylee sleeping in Jaynes bunk after a nightmare of Jubal Early)
If someone or the author has the link, I'd like to read it agian.
The look

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Gah...I always feel so needy when I post here ^^;; But once again I need peoples help!

I am looking for a certain screen cap from Trash. It's at the very end when Mal is talking to Wash and Zoe. I was wondering if anyone has a good shot of the face Wash is making. I need to icon it so badly >D

Thanks in advance for any help^^
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EDIT 1:01am CST 11/7/2005: Added some more... didn't want to make another post. Now there are 3 Wash (2 the same, but one's animated and the other isn't), 2 Kaylee (almost the same), 4 Mal (3 almost the same, one different), and 3 Jayne.

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If you take 'em, please credit.

I'll probably post more later - like when I have a paper due the next day. :-P