November 8th, 2005


Just saw the Big Damn Movie...

Last week. Twice. And since then rented all of Firefly. And fallen in love. Oh where was I when it was actually on?

And I'm totally heartbroken to know that I have nothing else to consume. Which is why I'm hoping someone might be able to direct me to a source of fanfiction (namely of the Mal/River variety). I've checked out the Livejournal community, but I wasn't sure if there was some other source that had more submissions. Because I'm quite the consumer.

I also have a question, perhaps one that has been posed before, but I saw the movie after being intrigued by the preview. And I think its because of that preview that I am such a fan of Mal/River...its not something I think I would have read out of the series if I had watched it first. Thoughts?