November 10th, 2005

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Let's hear it for the troops at Serenity Valley

They told us to surrender, to lay down arms. That was two weeks ago.

Tuesday's box office (Nov 8) showed a 5.9% increase in U.S. domestic revenue from Monday. My understanding is that it's from all the loyal Browncoats who are seeing it for, perhaps, the eighth or ninth time.

We may have lost 105 theatres this past weekend, and 576 the weekend before. Our biggest loss yet was 822 of them. But we're still there. We ain't giving up. We are doing the impossible, and that makes us mighty. So you hold.

You hold.

Besides, we are just so very pretty.

One little question

In, I guess, Serenity Part 1 or Two, there's some Mal quote I'm trying to get exactly. It's something about "What's government for? Getting in a man's way."

That might be it, but if someone could tell me it exactly and the context that would be super.

In other news, I finally saw "Objects in Space" so no more new Firefly episodes! But, you know, there are still the 8 or so episodes I haven't seen more than once.
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Hi everyone, Someone did this for a Lost community I was in, and I thought it would be fun to do here too. This community may have done something like this before but I don't feel like looking for it ;-) And maybe there are new people like me!

Your name: Kate
Age: 23
Location: Maryland
Occupation: Enginerd
First got into Firefly when/why:  This summer, a friend of my best friend lent her the DVDs, and since I was doing Netflix she asked me to rent & copy them for her (I mean, to um... buy her a copy).  Since she went on and on about it (and since it was Joss, cmon) I watched them while I had them, and loved it!  How could you not??
Favorite characters: Jayne *sigh*, Inara
Favorite episodes:  Our Mrs Reynolds, Heart of Gold, ones where Jayne is funny
You realized you were obsessed when:  I would say "Just one more episode and then I'll sleep" for 5 episodes a night
The thing that baffles you most about Firefly is: [this made more sense as a Lost question but w/e]  Why it has to go away =(  =(  And what's up with Book, they kinda hinted at an answer to "who he is" in the movie but I dunno... I still have questions!  And also, how did I manage to love it after hating Jasmine/Zoe and Caleb/Mal in Angel & Buffy.  Oh right, because it's awesome.

Ok, answer if you want to =)