November 11th, 2005


Serenity,:The Computer

I am a dork.

When I reinstalled WinXP from scratch recently, I named the box SERENITY.

SERENITY has 5 logical drives:

C:\ (Windows): FRYE
D:\ (Programs): WASH
E:\ (Big Damn File Disk): COBB
F:\ (Downloads): BADGER
Z:\ (Overflow): YO-SAFF-BRIDGE

Does anyone else have a Firefly-themed computer?
not mine, mat

(no subject)

so as a tangent from the favorites post
I have this thing, i have a crush on just about every charcter but there are afew that stand out for me because of my connecitons to them
I am Kaylee( minus tech abilyt) i want to be zoe, i have huge mega crush on simon and wash, and River is my favorite character who i just kinda drool over.
so how bout the rest of you. How do you relate to the crew?
ferris shower

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It has been pointed out to me (and rightfully so) that I have been a neglectful maintainer of this community. As such, I would like to offer up maintainership of this community to some kindly volunteer. I simply do not have interest in the managing of such a large community. I am screening comments to this post. If you would like to be maintainer, please let me know by commenting to this post, give me a short explanation of why (less than 100 words, please); tomorrow I will announce my selection and we can designate you as co-maintainer and then remove me as maintainer. Once this change has been made, you are free to run the community as you see fit.