November 12th, 2005


Just for fun

Poll #610755 How many times...?

How many times have you seen Serenity while in theatres (advance screenings included)?

None. I suck.
Just the one.
Between two and four times. I love my Big Damn Movie.
Between five and eight times! You damn right!
Nine or more times. Uh huh, that's right- you talkin' to a die hard Browncoat, my shiny friend.
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I have added queenginny as maintainer. I have not deleted myself yet, because I would like to discuss with her plans for the community. I may be a neglectful parent, but it is still my baby. Thank you to all who offered to maintain; I am going to give queenginny your names so that she can offer co-maintainer/moderator status to you. This community is very large and the more eyes watching it the better.
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Some people expressed an interest in an LJ meetup at the upcoming Serenity2 convention (well, OK, I did and some of you said 'yeah, alright' ;P) and, with a week to go, I thought I'd check to see if people are still up for it. I figure everyone has a rough idea of arrival times and plans by now... so, who fancies it?

I arrive at the Rad around 2pm-ish, and plan to be in the bar area pretty soon afterwards. ;) If anyone would like to take part in a meetup with their fellow LJers, please comment here with a time that would be good for you - or, indeed, a day if you're not around on the Friday. I know a lot of people are going alone and for the first time to this con, so it's a perfect opportunity to make contact with some people. And if you're an old timer, or with company, it's a chance to meet some new faces!

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Am i the only one to notice that SERENITY DVD SALES ARE GREEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT! WE ARE NUMBER ONE!!!!!! So if we made 30 million in the us and about 10,000,000 internationaly we only need the dvd to sell 22.5 million copies aproximatly to get a sequal! Hopefully we can says the positive side of me. If it does it will have beat this year's number one dvd!