November 14th, 2005

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Finally got my Firefly soundtrack! And now I'm trying to place all the tracks..

I haven't seen a post about the cues of the new Firefly soundtrack, so I'm gonna start one...

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So, here's the track listing with my guesses. I tried pick each track apart to find all the cues and ID them. Some of them are definite, others are spec, and still others I have no clue...

Please, if you have the soundtrack and know anything about the Firefly scoring music, read and comment if you can add anything. Everyone remembers different cues. Maybe if we pool all our brains together, we can figure out where these are all from...

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There is one score that was on the download version but not on the actual album release. For God knows what reason, 'Goodbye Early was left off it. But I'm now kind of glad that my overly anxious self that jumped to throw $9.99 at FOX for the download (I was so sure they'd take down the site immediately and just had to get them before they went away forever) did end up getting something out of it.

For those of you who don't have the download version, I'm sharing the fruits of my insanity. Here's a download for it: 'Goodbye Early'.

And as an extra bonus, because I think everyone in the world should hear this score and how surprisely damn beautiful it is, considering we can't hardly hear the piece at all in the actual episode, here: 'Inside The Tam House'
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Synopsis for Serenity on

A galactic civil war is raging, and Captain Malcolm Reynolds is on the losing side of it. But instead of battling it out with the enemy for the greater common good, he commits all manner of petty crimes and runs a transport-for-hire business out of his ship, Serenity. His life changes, however, when he picks up a young doctor and his nutso, telepathic sister and subsequently finds himself pulled into the fray between warring factions.