November 23rd, 2005

O captain
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Uk magazine-based joy!

I just thought I'd say that the new issue of SFX came out today, and it has the 2005 Reader Awards inside. Serenity took gold in everything it could possibly have been eligible for (except Sexiest Woman. I only point this out because Nathan Fillion won Sexiest Man, and without wanting to be too shallow - god, yes! Although I will totally go and be shallow in certain other communities in a minute...).

So there we are. UK Browncoats: they sure can use a vote. :)
O captain
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Firefly costumes auction!

From the site: Firefly costume designer Shawna Trpcic is auctioning off her private collection of original Firefly costumes, to start a nestegg for her kids' education and give some lucky browncoats a chance to own a piece of the Firefly mythos. These aren't replicas, boys and girls, these are the actual costumes worn by our Big Damn Heroes. [Don't worry, they've been washed since then.]

Ohgodohgodohgod why aren't I RICH?!

(Sorry if this has been posted before...)
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Despite the fact that I suffer from terminal camera-shake, and my carefully set settings had gone totally squiffy by the time I got to the con, I've uploaded my Serenity 2 photos for posterity.

I had a fab weekend, as always, made all the better by the wonderful people I met there. Y'all know who you are =D

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