November 25th, 2005


Me new...

Hi all,

I'm a new convert....just discovered this show. I'm always late. Maybe it's because it was never shown on free to air telly down here in Australia.

I discovered it by going to see "Serenity" the movie. Loved the movie so much...I haven't enjoyed a sci-fi movie so much for a long time. Star Wars eat your heart out.

So, straight after I got home, I ordered the Firefly DVD collectors set from an online store, and I have just started watching it. I want to watch it all in one go, but I'm holding back.

I want to savour it you see. Have something to look forward to watching when I get home from work, instead of boring tv.

I'm also in love with Mal...who is so much like Brian on QAF that it's not funny. He has the same personality as well.
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