November 30th, 2005

Firefly Book RIP
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werent we just talking about his?

I recall a dsicussion about a month ago in here about fans paying for FF directly to keep it afloat. We called it diffferent things, like buying shares, or prepaying for the dvd, but essentially, we, the fans, would pony up the $30M per year necesary to finance the filming, and in return, the show airs. we dreamed and fantasized, and some of us (like me) got bogged into minutia over distribution rights, profits, ad sales, revenues, rights to the dvd vs just it being aired on tv, what network if any would be involved and so forth, but I think we all believed that conceptually, it was purely fantasy.

Maybe not

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First post

Hey everyone, new poster to the community. I just thought I'd send you a link to the Firefly videos I've made over the last few months or so. We can post videos here, right? Anyhow, they're all here. Let me know what you think, or if I shouldn't be posting them here or whatever.

Browncoat Book Reminder

Don't forget today's the last day to submit individual entries for the Browncoat Book! If you need more submission information, or what they're looking for, check out:

It's a great project that seems like it's going to be fun for everyone, so if you've got a picture, send it in!
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Operation Browncoat

I haven't seen this mentioned here, so here's a head's up for

Operation Browncoat

which is a campaign to raise money to buy the original Firefly browncoat for Nathan Fillion. Shawna Trpcic, the costume designer, is auctioning it on Ebay starting tomorrow: If the campaign doesn't succeed all the money will be donated to a charity of Nathan's choice.

All details are on the site, and I think it's a lovely idea, so spread the word, and donate if you can...

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G'day all.

I'm new here, my name's Shelley and I'm all the way from New Zealand. I love Firefly, and Serenity, and all things Joss Whedon.

Pleasure to meet y'all. :)
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Fewer extras ...

From wikipedia:

    Serenity is scheduled for release on DVD and VHS in North America on December 20, 2005, and in Australia on 8 February 2006. According to early reports, the film will be released as a two-disc set in Australia (Region 4) and parts of Europe (Region 2) containing extra supplemental features in comparison to the North American (Region 1) edition.

Why is Region 1 (the region I happen to reside in) being shunned in the way of extras? It doesn't seem fair really - there are loads of browncoats here! Why do we get the crappy DVD cover and fewer extras? What have we done wrong?

I feel like I am being punished or something. *pout*
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This probably gets asked a lot but..

I'm looking for somewhere to buy a coat that looks like Mal's. I know the original one is up for auction, but I donated money to make sure that goes to Nathan himself.
This will be a gift for my boyfriend, a huge, huge Firefly fan. I've been looking for ages for a long brown suede coat that looks like Mal's, but I have had no luck so far. Have any of you guys found anything like this before?

I live in the UK, if that matters, although I will order from a US site provided the shipping isn't total murder on my wallet.
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