December 1st, 2005

deleted scenes

Hi there. I've finished watching all the episodes of Firefly now, and my obsession is complete. I see that there are deleted scenes on the DVDs though, and I was wondering if someone could describe or give me a link to descriptions of what happens in these scenes. Must... have... more...! I've seen the film "Serenity", btw, and I'm not worried about spoilers.

Thanks for any help!
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The look

(no subject)

Looking for an icon.

It's from War Stories and it's Mal. Now it doesn't have to be MAL, but just the quote would be AWESOME.

I'm angry, and I'm armed I thought I saw it floating around, and if anyone could point me in it's direction you would be doing me a bigger favor then you know. Thanks guys. know you can get rid of this if I broke the rules .__.;;;