December 4th, 2005

Great!  Awesome!
  • trelali

*waves*! Hiya!

My friend has an online t-shirt store that I occasionally design for, and I made some Firefly shirts. They're cheap and good quality (I've bought a few of them myself) and, if you like, you can request a design and I'll make that for you, too. Sorry that you actually have to pay - I have to pay for them, too. :/

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Requests are welcome.

X-posted as soon as I figure out where to X-post it to.

Icon hunt...

This place has a LOT of nifty icons to go through, but I'm looking for something rather specific and think it'd be quicker to as. Apologies if I'm in violation of some rule, but I couldn't see anything about it. Sooo...

I'm looking for some plain-ish Wash icons. No quotes or fancy image tricks, just a couple of decent headshots. I've tried to make one myself using Google Image Search and MS paint, but I cannot find any decent ones to work with.

I'd like to use such an image as a forum avatar, hence the nondescriptness. Many thanks to anyone who can help. :)