December 11th, 2005

x-files - space girl

Last-gasp Serenity screening - 21 and over only

Last-gasp, big-screen "Serenity" screening! With beer!

When: Thursday, December 15 @ 8pm - Portland, OR
Where: Kennedy School Theater
Why: Because there's nothing better than Serenity on the big screen w/ pizza, beer, a comfy chair and a room full of Browncoats. And don't forget the free merchandise!

If you want to meet up with the PDX Browncoats, we'll be in the Detention Bar for an hour or so before the movie. Or join our group and say hello. You can also email me directly if you have any questions.
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I just got this from (I'm in the UK and I pre-ordered Serenity from them) but er, it's only the 11th! What's going on?!

Your order for Serenity (Widescreen/2005) has been posted.

Please note PLAY MAIL ORDER will show on your statement.

Please allow 3-5 days delivery.

Please check the following order information:
Title: Serenity (Widescreen/2005)
Price: # 14.99
Delivery Cost: FREE
Payment: Credit Card

On the one hand, squee! On the other, er, what?
"I am a leaf..."
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Lux Radio Theater "Shindig"

At LosCon 32 this year, te Lux Radio Theater troupe performed a lovely little musical hall number dedicated to Earth-That-Was.

Pictures of what I could take before my battery died are here. Be sure to check out the opera singer (sadly, I can't find my notes as to what the aria she sang was from, but it comes complete with a translation from italian-to-'Verse.).
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Oh duh. So blonde.

As a huge X Files fan and a new Firefly fan, I can't believe it took me so long to realise that in X Files Jayne is bad guy KNOWLE ROHRER!

I guess it's because their characters are so different. And no beard when he was in X Files.