December 15th, 2005

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Baccarin on The OC

The biggest news (at least in my opinion) from today's Q & A with the Gals of Serenity at the Flanvention in Burbank was that Morena announced that she will be a in a few upcoming episodes of The O.C.!! It will be great to see Morena on screen again! No more details yet..Maybe more tomorrow.

This is great for those of us (me) who are both Firefly and OC fans. As someone on's an Inara and Nandi reunion in sunny California!

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Where are my Cookies!?

Serenity, already out?

In Manhattan, it seems the Serenity DVD (the full screen version) is already out. Many video stores out here tend to get movies a week or so before the actual release date (months in advance for a movie like "Miracle" - I think they get them from Canada?), but if anyone happens to be in that part of NYC, it's worth keeping an eye out for.

Cover art

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I've been working on this for about a week and a half...with the Serenity DVD coming out next week (Tuesday!), I'm glad I finished this today. I still have to make sure the printed version fits the size of a real DVD sleeve, but for now, here's my take on the DVD sleeve for Serenity:

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The printed version looks very nice, and I wrote the back cover copy myself, rather than using what was on the official release. Just more fun that way... I can't wait to see how it looks on the real thing!
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It's tonight!

Who's going to the Kennedy School Serenity bash in Portland OR tonight? I'll be the one with the dorky hand-made Serenity sign that says PDX Browncoats. Come say hi. Btw, There will be some free merchandise.

wierd picture...

is it me... or does the computer generated image of river look nothing like her? it looks like a mix of inara and river... is it just me?
and i'm pretty sure this is the dvd cover... *sighs* when i loved the movie poster so much...