December 16th, 2005

The Secret

Easter Egg

I may be completely loosing my mind, but I seem to remember hearing about an Easter Egg on the Serenity DVD and I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about it or it I was in fact delusional. If it does exsist, does anyone know how to access it? Please help.

Desperately Seeking Serenity.

Edit: I found a link here, that definately states that there is a Easter Egg and what it is, but not how to get to it. Grrrrr. Help please.

Cover art - updated and now hi-res

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Updated my DVD cover a little bit...I got some good suggestions from folks on LJ, on the Browncoats board, and elsewhere, and I also found a correct version of the Chinese characters, one of which I had gotten horribly wrong. That kind of thing bugs the hell out of me. I tweaked the sizing a little so that it prints at the right size, and added a disclaimer at the bottom.

Here's the new version...

Collapse )

If anyone wants to print this out and use it for their own copy of the DVD, I've also uploaded a high-resolution copy which should print our very nicely on a good color printer. You are warned, it's a big file (over 700 KB): High-resolution DVD cover

If you do print one out, use landscape format on Legal size paper.

Everyone who commented yesterday...thank you for your help and encouragement!

It looks really cool on a DVD box. :D
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Zoe Hope

Bad Serenity Review

This made me SO angry:

This JoBlo guy gave Serenity a pretty bad review, and by that I mean both his opinion of the movie was bad, and also my opinion on his skill as a reviewer is bad. I mean, I like reading negative feedback on movies that I liked, I find it interesting to see things from that point of view when personally I can't fault something, but the writing on this is HORRIFIC!

His opinions appear to be very inconclusive, he claims he didn't 'get' the movie, that he was 'bored' and 'stopped giving a shit.' Fair enough, but at no point he states why, what made him feel this way and why he thinks the reader may too. On that note, if you do not 'get' a film, then what exactly gives you the right to review it? This person obviously likes his movies in his face, with every detail pointed to with big flashing arrows, but that's just not Joss's way. Serenity is supposed to be complex and subtle, it's what makes it so gripping and realistic, and if you can't put in the effort to excersise your mind a little then go and rent "How to lose a guy in 10 days."

Not to mention his take on the actors. Adam Baldwin a 'poor man's Ben Afflick"? I can't even begin to comment on that, they're completely different in the way they act, and frankly I think Adam has far better skills than Ben Afflick any day! I mean, I can see the similarities between Summer Glau and Christina Ricci, but I certainly don't see what makes it that bigger deal. As for his opinion of the special effects, just because they're not state of the art, brand new, never before seen effects doesn't mean they're not suitable for the film. Joss and his team have used effects to make Serenity realistic, yes she's "clunky," but that's just it, she's supposed to be "clunky" and lived in. In my opinion it comes across that the reviewer is nitpicking on aesthetic aspects simply because he's incapable of understanding the plot line.
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Has anyone ever thought about the Opening Credits...and wondered if the colors symbolize something? Mal,Zoe,Wash is in a orange/red and than Inara,Jayne,Kaylee in Green and Simon,River,Book in Purple?

Maybe I'm lookin' into it too much.

Rest in peace?

Bad news... In the recent Entertainment Weekly (Kong's on the cover), there's a blurb next to the Hit List titled "Adios, Firefly..." in which Joss Whedon says he's done with the franchise because (essentially) the movie only made $25 million and he feels a sense of closure now. Why couldn't he make an announcement like this after the DVD went on sale? I was sincerely hoping there'd still be chance.

EDIT: Generally consensus is that this is completely against what he's said recently in other places, so I'm beginning to doubt this article's validity. Still, it won't look good to the people at Universal if he's been quoted as saying he's ok with it ending now.
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