December 18th, 2005


Firefly Gingerbread Cookies

I thought it would be fun to make the crew of Serenity in edible cookie form. I've never done this type of thing before, but I spent three days on these and everything is homemade. You might recognize some of the character designs I used as the excellent work of AtomicFireball. I made paper cut outs of each character and cut the dough with a knife. Then I used milk and dark chocolate for the browns. I used icing I made myself for all of the colored parts and colored sugar for the textures. The only exception is that for River's skirt I used crushed peppermints. Some of the eyebrows are chocolate sprinkles. Kaylee's Buns, Wash's Shirt, and Inara's pendant are all mini m&ms.

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Serenity Tally

Still outlining. Things are progressing well. I ought to have more to say about it before the end of the year, at the latest.

Anyway, I just thought it interesting to point out that "Serenity" has earned, foreign and domestic, just about $39M.

That was, of course, the production budget. So the DVD and ancillary product sales would basically go towards the distribution and promotional costs. It would have been better if the theatre take had been a bit bigger (OK, a lot bigger), but this is not a bad thing. The DVD sales should, on the whole, make about $10M in the end. Who knows about the comics, books, CDs, etc.? Total should be enough for something more.

Which, in my mind, makes all the unending negativity in the press and within the fandom so damn hi-larious.

I swear, some people just love to see things fall apart, they love to celebrate it. As if breaking something loved by others can make up for something lacking in their own lives...
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