December 20th, 2005

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An idea to help DVD sales...

If you haven't done so already, I really recommend picking up extra copies of Serenity as Christmas presents for your friends and family.

This is a great way to introduce them to the verse, especially if they have resisted watching the show or even haven't heard of it before. I know my family would love Firefly & Serenity but they just don't have the time to watch the show first. Think of this as a 2 hour time commitment versus a 14 hour one. And not only is it shorter, it's also cheaper to buy than a $30-$40 box set of the show.

Anyway I just think Serenity would make a great gift - and hey if you can afford it, why don't you make a Firefly/Serenity gift package and buy the box set too?

firefly and serenity ranking trackers

don't think i've seen this here yet.

hakken over at has a couple of amazon ranking trackers. the firefly dvd set has consisitently been in the top numbers and so has serenity



edit: just went to to check what the price for serenity is, and at the "movies" page, the firefly dvd set is the first thing you see and it one of their "top sellers in dvd"!

Joss Declared the End

Bad news: In this weeks Entertainment Weekly in the News and Notes section Joss Whedon announced some news: he has given up on the Firefly saga. Despite the film getting "some of the best reviews of the year", since it seems there is not a large enough audience that a studio/corporation belives in, and also since we did get the big movie, he has given up on Firefly. He is making two more films: Wonder Woman, and a thriller for Universal. He will make which ever one gets greenlighted first first.

Good news: THE BUFFYVERSE ISN'T OVER!!! It the same article he is working on the Buffy comic series. "The eigth season we never made." (If anyone can give me a link to those please comment) and some direct to video movies of charchters are in the works. One he mention is SPIKE!

Well we got a film, and one great season (as first seasons go.) Maybe it will lead him to a huge hit. Who knows!
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Something good happened at Target. I was picking up my 3 copies of Serenity..yes I need 3(well 1 is for Jamie..I need 2 of course.)And this lady says to me you are buying 3 copies of the same movie are they all for you. I said yes, so she asked if it was a good movie. I got a HUGE smile on my face and told her how I had seen it 9 times in the theater and it was a wonderful movie. I went on to tell her a bit about the BIGDAMNMOVIE(no spoilers) and she picked 2 up for gifts....THANK YOU random lady shopping at Target, we need more people like you!!
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Introduction and a question

Hi everyone, i just joined this group afer i heard about the horrible <url="">news.</url>
So here's what i'm wondering, from what i've heard there will be Serenity and Firefly novels coming out, along with a possible new comic book series. so can the verse continue and maybe develop while Joss is away?
I know right now that's going to be a really rough spot because of what happened in Serenity, but as long as the fans are cretive, dedicated, and true to the Verse, can we create new material for Firefly?

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I just bought my copy of the Serenity DVD and I have one more complaint to add:


An endless tunnel of amber-colored explosions, closeups and cheesy Michael Bay-esque danger music... seriously, this reminds me of "Universal Soldier: the Return".

Sigh. Was it monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys got loose?

EDIT: I just want a DVD package produced by someone who has actually seen the film... and the show. Someone who, like Joss and the actual film crew, would make it into a labor of love.
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Did anyone else get a crappy ad in the inside of the DVD concerning "Battle Star Gallactica" and the Winter Olympic Games instead of the usual chapters list/overview of the movie?

New here, and gag reel?

Hi there! My friend introduced me to Firefly, and I'm so damn hooked now. I've been scouting around for info and trivia and stuff, and I came across mention of a gag reel...but all links to it die on me. Does anyone know where I can download it, or is it on any of the DVDs? At this point, no power in the 'verse can stop me from seeing it :-). Dorky, yeah, but you smiled. You know you did.

Favorite Camera Work

In my design class we've been talking about cinematography, and I've been given the opportunity to bring in some examples of great work. I'd like to use clips from Firefly and/or Serenity. I have a few ideas in mind, but I'd love to hear some suggestions and opinions of your favorite shots. So, if you could chose one or two scenes from Firefly that have beautiful camera work, what scenes would those be?

ETA In the interest of sharing, my favorites are pretty much all from the pilot ep, Serenity. Persephone, specifically the dolly out of Badger's room, Inara's spongebath, and the mole/lawman scene. I agree with a lot of the suggestions here, Out of Gas and Objects in Space have some beautiful camera work as well.
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Go watch 'Ghost Whisperer' right now. Sean Maher is on. It's... channel something. Channel 7.
I'm so glad NCIS started late, or I never would have know.
Go watch. Hee Sean!