December 21st, 2005

rider tied

I got bored again..

I made a Serenity doll! This one is of River posing with her swords - I did it from the UK promotional poster (which, by the way, I loved) and the base is from If Looks Could Kill..

I did my best, and I don't think I got the hair exactly right, but I'm still rather proud if it :) fully adoptable, so you can put it in your userinfo or something, just credit me and we're good.
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Comic Book speculation

I posted this in an earlier thread, and mostly, it's half joking, but still.

Since we have a Firefly/Serenity comic book, this begs the question: Will the follow the age old modus operandi of comic books, and indulge in a little bit of ressurection >:) I, for one, wouldnt so much mind seeing at least one guy come back.
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Easter Eggs!

so who's found them and what are they?

I found one on the main menu. From "Play" press left, the center trapezoid on the right side of the screen should light up. From there, it'll shoot you to an explanation of the "Fruity Oaty Bar" commercial that "activated" River, including the full commercial. Fun little diversion and it freaked my roomie out.^_^
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SG1 - Daniel Jackson is :]
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Special Hell

Everyone Remember the "Special Hell" Shepherd Book talks about in "Our Mrs. Reynolds."

I love how its defined at :

"The Hell reserved for people in particular need of horrible torment... like child molesters, people who talk at the theater, wiki spammers, and people who cancel acclaimed television shows during its first season."

Yeah, screw you FOX.