December 22nd, 2005


This here is an invitation to join a crew on a Firefly-class transport vessel in a RPG in the guise of an LJ community. We'll need a solid crew - an engineer, pilot, a medic, some muscle, some guidance, and a few other personalities and passengers to keep us afloat. I value creativity and personality over writing talent. Think of this as collaborative story-telling. We're all around a campfire under a dark sky full of stars...What's your story? Send your applications, missives, correspondance, and ideas to bluetangents AT yahoo DOT com

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anyone have a spare Gmail invite?
Thanks for that!


Got my copy of the Serenity DVD last night, and popped my custom cover onto it. It looks so shiny...

Serenity DVD

Funny, though, that the real DVD sleeve cover actually is shiny — printed with metallic ink. I wonder if that's intended as an in-joke? Oh well, I still like mine better.
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What a ripoff!

Man, you guys weren't kidding.

The DVD is a ripoff.

I mean, I thought it was supposed to show up all shrinkwrapped with Nathan Fillion wearing a strategically-placed red bow.

Joss has abandoned me!
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Serenity DVD

So, a lot of you have the DVD by now.

I'd like to know what you really think of it.

Now, mind you, I'm one who'd still buy it even if it were in a blank DVD case with no extras whatsoever. That being said, however, I'm a little distressed by what I've been hearing.

I haven't actually gotten it for myself, yet. I'm waiting until after Christmas, just on the chance that someone has purchased it for me. I did buy a copy for a friend, so I've shown my financial support.

I've seen a petition online against the cover (I'm in the "I don't like it" camp), and I've heard that the extras are skimpy (maybe 20 minutes of featurettes). A friend of mine complained about the menu screens/interface design. Some fans are ticked because that's all there is; others seem unhappy because nobody knows if there's going to be a collector's/extended edition released.

Is there any truth to the rumor I heard a few weeks ago that the non-US DVDs are getting better extras? I'd really love to know something definitive about that.

I'm sure I'll get it one way or another -- Joss' introduction alone is worth the cost of the DVD to me -- but, yeah, I am genuinely annoyed that they didn't give the disc better treatment. I feel like our fanbase is tailor-made as a market to buy a Collector's Edition version, and they could've made more money by charging more for the fancier option. I have a bad feeling that if it sells well they'll release a better version 6 months from now or something 'cause they know we'll all buy it again.

I am of course grateful that we have a movie at all. It's wonderful that it even exists. I wasn't expecting, y'know, a DVD release on par with Lord of the Rings or anything, but I'll admit that I was hoping for a little more than what I've heard about the contents.