December 23rd, 2005

Serenity DVD Art

Wow, so I have been searching for a community to post this in, and I am so glad that there has been so many recent posts about the awful Serenity DVD art. The US marketing for the film has always been bad, and I couldn't stand to look at my DVD any longer. So I made my own cover, based on a foreign film poster which I think is lovely.

You can download it here.

I've never used this webspace before, but the file was too big for my usual one. I hope you guys can find use of it to make your DVDs all pretty.
yay omg kermit

Merry Giftmas!

OMG My copy of Serenity (American... have to wait till Feb to get the Australian version) arrived today! Hurrah! They told me it wouldn't arrive til Jan 4, so I was expecting a wait, but joy! It has arrived! So many exclamation points! Must control shift + 1 impulse! Have to watch DVD now! Weeee!
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How to find nifty photos from cons, sometimes screen caps, pics of the various actors in the wild, and jayne hats: <-- some of these are actually *not* about the movie!
Using individual names as tags doesn't work as well, as apparently there are lots of people named Mal, Bailey, Jayne, and of course, Zoe (which includes one of my dogs)
I used it to find Jayne hats earlier today for a little photoshop experiment.
Putting the con name after the /tags/ will probably give a little more, too.

I just feel the need to share this

I just went to the videostore to rent movies, and although I have bought my own copy of Serenity, I was just very curious to get to the videostore and see how many copies of Serenity they had for renting. I was very pleased to see they had a full wall, 40 copies total of Serenity. Best of all, THEY WERE ALL GONE!! Not a single one was left. They were all rented. Since I live in a small french-canadian town where Firefly was never aired, I was extremely happy to see that so many people gave it a chance and rented the movie.

And for your amusement, I stood there in front of the wall for several minutes, smiling like a crazy person. Thankfully I don't think anybody really noticed and I smiled even more when I saw someone enter the store and head straight for the Serenity DVD. I felt kind bad for the guy though, knowing all the copies were gone. Okay, I'm done now. Back to your regular more important stuff related posts.

Commentary and the Future

I remember a little unrest about the "change" in Mal's character when Serenity was released; some were unnerved by how cold he became and thought it was out of character. I encourage all of you who still feel that way to watch the DVD commentary. Whedon offers some insight to Mal's behavior. He said something along the lines of this, "he's afraid to be kind because that would make him more of a monster, because most of his crew would die for him." I think that's very key.

Another thing in the commentary that stood out to me was, Whedon's discussion over the scene in which Inara calls Mal from the temple and discusses trivial things like how she left a trunk in her shuttle. Mal says he didn't look and Inara says she didn't realize she left it. Whedon said both actors came up to him separately and said, "You know I looked in that trunk!" and "You know I left all my best smelling things in that trunk!" That cracked me up.

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