December 25th, 2005

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I heard a rumor that because the DVD sales of the series have been so successful that they are going to bring Firefly back to television. I've tried searching on the internet and can't find anything so I'm not sure if I should get my hopes up and believe this person or not. The person I heard it from works at Best Buy in the United States and said he heard about this rumor because they are changing the DVD cases for the series to say "The First Season" instead of "The Complete Series". He told me it was returning next Fall 2006, but I don't know whether to believe him or not.

Anyone know if there is any truth to this or not?
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Some Serenity Visual Companion Chinese Humor

Here's a little sly Chinese humor Joss snuck in that I think you'd all get a kick out of. I work with several native Chinese speakers and since my co-workers had laughed over the mis-translations in the back of the Finding Serenity book I'd brought to read a few weeks ago and were interested in the concept of the show, I brought the Serenity: The Official Visual Companion so they could get a better feel for the 'verse, right?

The very first thing they noticed was the Chinese characters that run down the left side of the back cover. They translate to:

If you don't buy this book, your friends will think you are a dumb piece of meat.

Hehehehe. Gah, I love Joss.
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