December 26th, 2005

FF River "no damsel in distress"

Through the Storm: a post-Serenity Firefly RPG

Through the Storm is a post-Serenity Firefly RPG. We want to remain as canon as possible within the 'verse, but obviously things are going to be a little different that in the TV show because of all the changes that have occured!

The name of the RP comes from the very metaphoric conversation between River and Mal at the end of Serenity (the movie).

River: “Storm’s getting worse.”
Mal: “We’ll pass through it soon enough.”

Serenity is grieving. Wash and Sheppard Book are greatly missed. Most of the crew’s friends and contacts were killed by the Operative. The Miranda broadcast has created unrest throughout the Alliance territory, and a new war is brewing. Amid all this, the crew of Serenity is trying to make its way in the ‘verse.

They still need to keep the boat in the air, mouths fed, and despite the Operative's efforts, they still need to keep under the radar of the now even more paranoid Alliance. Adding to that, most of their contacts have perished. So the going's tough, that's for gorram sure, but they'll keep flying.

NOTE: The RP is done on Greatest Journal, simply because they have more icon space. And less usernames are taken.

Another note: I (the mod), play River, and I'm interested in eventually having a River/Jayne storyline develope. If that would bother you, this probably isn't the RP for you. And if you are a Ryane shipper and love Jayne, apply for him, please! XD

For More Information and to Apply:
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After watching the show again this last week (it makes housework go SOOO much faster! : D ) I realized that the episode 'The Message' was the penultimate character piece in a series that was ultimately a giant character piece. It also is very much the emotional setup for the movie, and of course the ultimate proof as to why Fox is the biggest stupid that ever stupided stupid.

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I think Joss shoulda had Tim co-write the movie-he seems to always clear up and help flesh out the little bits that Joss occasionally misses.

Thoughts? Comments? No flames-I'd take it as a kindness if you didn't. ; b

EDIT: Ok, I was wrong...'Heart of Gold' fills out a lot of things about the characters too, especially also informs of why exactly she left. I'd throw the second Saffron ep in there too and say that all 3 of the unaired eps constitue proof that cancelling Firefly was one of Fox's biggest mistakes ever. : /

DVD extras

So yes, I got That Movie for Giftmas.

All snarkery aside, I really fail to see why people are complaining about the lack of extras.

The Sin City DVD I also got had almost no extras. I was really jones-ing for a Rordriguez/Miller commentary track, with maybe a bit of interjection from Tarantino (although there is no such thing as just a *little* bit of interjection from Tarantino), and there was nothing. A brief Making Of featurette and that was it.

So I'm happy as a pig in Congress with the Serenity extras. At least I get a commentary track outta Whedon.

But still waiting for that Special Edition Naked Fillion boxed set...
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Nathan Fillion's Holiday Message

So, here we are. So much has happened recently and I feel this is the time to pause and reflect before the New Year starts slapping us around. We made the movie, it has come out on DVD just in time for that odd little Christian holiday where they celebrate not being fed to lions or something. It is number one on Amazon, and the old Firefly set is crawling back up the charts like a thirsty man in the desert towards a mirage. Does this make us better than anyone else? You bet it does. But it’s not the kind of better than that causes you to look down your nose at anyone. It’s more the kind that lets you pat someone patiently on the arm and say in a sanctimonious tone, "Mm hm, it’s alright. I’ll get you a copy of the movie and you can be cool, too. Just not quite as cool as me because I’ve been a Browncoat for sometime, now."

If you are like me, you watch the movie to assure yourself the future will be safe, you watch the extras to see old friends, and you listen to Joss’ commentary and shed a little tear over good times. Waht’s that? You don’t cry in the commentary? Well, just have an emotion chip installed, you robot, and refill your eye bags with saline.

Be well, Browncoats. Aim high, as we have all learned that nothing is impossible (except getting Jewel and Morena to stop fighting over who is prettier when we all know it’s me). Happy Holidays.

Nathan "Captain Tightpants" Fillion
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More on Serenity3 & Serenity4

Details announced over the holidays!

Serenity Cubed will provisionally take place from 22nd - 24th September at the Thistle Hotel, Heathrow.

Guests announced so far are Jewel Staite and Mark Sheppard.

Tickets go on sale on the 16th January, or the 9th if you attended either Serenity or Serenity Squared.

Serenity to the Power of Four (there's a mouthful) will be held in Glasgow (sometime in September?). Details to follow.

Guests announced so far are Jewel Staite and Christina Hendricks.

All info, of course, at the Starfury website.

So, which one are you aiming for? For me it has to be Glasgow!

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