December 28th, 2005

Serenity DVD menu quirk

I remember seeing several questions around lately about the easter egg(s) on the Serenity DVD. I looked over the last several days' posts and didn't see any reference to them, so I might be making that up, but I wanted to post something I found in case it's interesting to anybody else.

When I got the movie, I remained mesmerized by the Buck Rogers-like menu background. I chuckled, and then decided to explore the menu options. PLAY was the hilighted item, but I wanted to peek at the menus and I pressed LEFT on my controller. It went somewhere that didn't appear to be a menu option. I think I found something by accident. I'm not sure if it's the easter egg, but it goes to a short video of Joss being -- well, Jossian, explaining a detail from the movie that is very not-spoilery. (Josslike? Joss-ish? Jossy? What do you call it when he's being so distinctly himself?)

I couldn't select it any way other than pressing LEFT from the PLAY option, so maybe it's the thing people were talking about. Maybe not.

Any other fun things people have figured out? I just saw the post about the music in the credits, too. Checking that tip out now....

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Lighting Serenity

Listening to the commetary track, I was surprised Whedon hasn't followed Robert Rodriguez' lead and switched to High Def for filming.

Given his fondness for using lighting to tell the story, HD would be perfect, since it allows you to see exactly what the finished shot will look like without having to worry about the lighting being wrong and then having to reshoot the same scene.

Plus, it allows the actors to stay in the 'moment,' (something else Whedon is all about) rather than having them redo and redo the same scene because you aren't sure if the lighting was correct or to get the same scene from different angles.

And, if Rodriguez is any example with shooting 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' in seven weeks using HD, it makes the entire filming process go so much faster.

Personally, I think that HD will eventually make conventional film-making obselete.

Jewel Staite

I had Tivo'd several episodes of Wonderfalls the other night and upon watching a couple of them, I found a pleasant surprise. They were "Safety Canary" and "Lying Pig", both of which had Jewel Staite in them. I didn't much like her character, but it was still great seeing her on my TV again. *g*
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<3 sugar

hidden references ^_^

A friend of mine just told me about this book she's been reading, called Smoke and Shadows by Tanya Huff, and sent me this paragraph from it:

"As far as he was concerned, a world where Joss Whedon got cancelled was exactly the kind of world where the Shadowlord could win."
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40's Rabbit

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Did anyone attend the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-fi convention on December 4? Nathan Fillion was there, though not as the Captain. He was there for "Slither", some horror film coming out in 2006. I'm pretty sad, I would've liked to have gone. I only found out about it because I received the LACBSFC flyer for their next con. Ah, shucks.

Anyways, you can see a stream of the panel by clicking here.
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