December 29th, 2005

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Finding Serenity book review

Hello all. I recently aquired the book, Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds, and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's 'Firefly,' edited by Jane Espenson.

I've posted an article-by-article summary over on my journal if anyone else has read it and wants to compare thoughts.

Something interesting I came across, though: One essay lists Wash's full name as Jerry Lee "Wash" Warren, where it was established in Serenity as Hoban "Wash" Washburne. At first, I was all WTF? Then I heard Mal call Wash "Jerry Lee" in 'Our Mrs. Reynolds.' I wonder what that was about?

Also, the official Serenity magazine referred to Zoe both as "Zoe Warren" and "Zoe Alleyne Washburne." The official site goes with the latter. I know that Zoe Alleyne Washburne is pretty much the accepted name, but this leads me to wonder-- where on earth did these alternate names come from? And why aren't all the official tie-ins uniform?

looking for a partner...

crossposted to some weird places... but i'm in need of a co-writer.

i've got me a plot bunny. it's nipping at my heels and demanding to be brought forth for others to read. my problem is that while i feel comfortable writing in one fandom, this would require going into a second one! i'm looking to write a Buffyverse and Firefly/Serenityverse crossover! my focal point character is Spike, what can i say... i love that crazy vamp. :) but i've got several main characters in mind and they come from both verses.

anyone think they're up to the task of working on this project with me? i also think a beta, versed in both universes, would be a great help.

ETA: looks like the beta is covered. i've got 3 lovely people who've offered to take the job... YAY! now to write this thing! LOL!
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Hi, I became a Browncoat this fall between a friend's urging and Sci-fi airing the show. Now I can't stop watching. Just converted my whole family over Christmas.

Anyway, I remember a couple weeks back someone posted about Serenity's release on DVD in Australia, comparing all the shiny differences between different retailers (keychains? metal tin?). I've gone back through the past few weeks, but can't find it. Anyone remember this post? Or do I have a problem with my brain being missing? (Post is here.)

Thanks and keep flying!
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ok a while back, somone or another posted a self rendered DVD cover to replace the icky one.
who was it and doyou have a bigger/tweeked one that i can use?
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Firefly Newbie and a Con Announcement

I am new to the Firefly fandom. I am a huge Joss fan, but resisted watching Firefly because I didn't want another addiction. Yeah, that didn't work out too well. I saw Serenity and that was it. I had to buy the whole series and watch it in 2 days....repeatedly. So, I have been looking for a good FF community to join. I also wanted to pass on some info about Adam Baldwin. I am a committee memember for a convention that Adam will be appearing at in June.

Adam Baldwin will be appearing at the Moonlight Rising convention in Bushkill, PA the weekend of June 2-4, 2006. This will be the 4th year for the MR convention, but it's the first year that we are welcoming a guest from Firefly. Up until now we have been strictly a Buffy/Angel convention. We are thrilled that Adam will be joining us! How can it not be a party if the man called Jayne is there?!?!

You can go here for more info:

Moonlight Rising

Moonlight Rising is very excited to announce our next guest.. Adam Baldwin! Yes, "The Man they call Jayne" will be joining us for 2006. Adam will be attending the diamond party, doing q&a's & photo sessions as well as autographs. Please join us in making sure Adam's first visit with us is alot of fun.

There are currently some Buffy/Angel guests already announced (Alexis Denisof for example), and we hope to have a couple more announcements in January.

Since this is the first year we are having a Firefly guest, we are desperately trying to get the word out to all Firefly fans. Please, feel free to pass the info along!
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Hi everyone i'm the new guy. I never watched the show when it aired but i have seen the movie and i own the series. lately it has just began to relly apeal to me more. Do any of you know where i can get any (replica) costumes or props online?
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I'm buying a shirt off of, the Mal BDH one. On the back, you can add a quote. Unfortunetly, I have the world's worst memory, and I can't think of a good question: What are you some SERIOUSLY awesome and witty quotes from our Captain?

Thanks for the help!
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Official site closing.

Hey. Just wanted to mention that the official Serenity website and Browncoats forum will be closing on Jaunary 3rd. Which... is Monday. So, if you have an account there, go redeem some points ASAP.


ETA: Gossi, a frequent poster on and the official forums has opened up another site for refugees from the Official site, here.

ETA, yet again: And someone's set up an archived site of Joss, Nathan, Chris_B, and other stuff from the official site here.

Another edit: The email that I got today from the website, in its body, says January 6th, 2006, but as a subject says 01.03.06. ... So. Interpret that as you will. I'm still going with Monday.