December 31st, 2005

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You know when you're so full of squee you can't quite keep from boring 100s of members of various LJ communities with your story?

Yeah, well me too, heehee. Why? Well, I was just saying my goodbyes to the browncoats forum, sadly closing, but the lovely Gossi has opened, which actually is super. Go join, lol. As I was browsing, and chatting on the new forum, someone informed me that Nathan Fillion had replied to my comment on his Christmas Greeting message!!! EEEEEEEp!

Tell me one other star that you know who cares about thier fans that much? That's why he's our big damn hero. So, honk if you like cookies, squee if you love Nathan! :D

And whilst you're at it, check it out:
Wow, here's where it can be found:


The text:

PhoebeJeebies wrote:
Happy Holidays Cap'n!!
Hope you've had a great Chrismas and wishing you all the success and happiness for 2006 that I possibly can!

Hope that you can make it to Starfury: Serenity Cubed in September, a serenity con will totally not be a Serenity con without you and your terrible jokes
I'm sure you don't remember me from Squared, with all the masses of adoring fans you must have met, but I had the best time and I definately have you to thank! I hope you had as much fun there as I did!

Nathan_Fillion wrote:
Of course I read these, and of course I remember you, Phoebe. You were shaking so hard you could have mixed a tin of paint. You were sweet and quiet and your compliments made my day. You are my favorite kind of fan. Don't even get me started on the "gropers". Brrrrrr.
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An unspoken remnant of Earth-that-was

So, it occurs to me that poetry, stories, plays, etc. have been preserved from Earth-that-was (witness Mal's reference to Rime of the Ancient Mariner in Serenity). With that in mind I had an idea that at some point, the crew winds up having to make good for a troupe of travelling performers who can't go on (I don't know why; maybe it was space monkeys... terrifying space monkeys). Anyway, our Big Damn Heroes have to become Big Damn Actors in order to present...

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