January 3rd, 2006

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As you can see, Serenity is in the top 5 per the fan poll. It's even beating Star Wars 3, Whine of the Sith. It's losing to some pretty big ones right now though, but hey, we can do the impossible again. Show those Harry Potter, King Kong, Brokeback Mountain, and Sin City fans what the power of the fandom can do!

btw, Serenity actors are in the top 10 in other categories too (Nathan Fillion for best actor and Summer Glau for best actress, but i think Alan Tudyk shouldve gotten the best supporting actor spot as opposed to Adam Baldwin.

EDIT: I'm not gonna say anything to help myself, so I'll correct it and swallow my foot on this one. I was trying to be funny, and came off as an ass. Sorry. I also deleted the Off topic posts. Now go vote for Serenity!

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(Mods lemme know if RP pimping isn't allowed)

Name: War Stories
Genre: Firefly
Community Link: War Stories

Taking place after "Objects in Space" and before "Serenity"

Characters we really need: Only canons taken right now are Jayne, Saffron, Kaylee, and River, so any others would be awesome!
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(questions) River, 3rd person, Jayne

There is a whole trend of River/Jayne fics in which River speaks in the third person and Jayne calls her "Crazy" (as if it's a nick/name). I'm curious as to whether this has any basis in canon. The only time I can think of that River speaks in the third person is "She understands; she does not comprehend" in "Objects in Space," and the most recent time I watched the movie I found myself noticing just how much Jayne doesn't address her directly. So can anyone with either a better memory or more time on their hands than I tell me if River speaks in the 3rd person other times and/or how Jayne refers to River when (if) he speaks to her directly? Thanks so much.

And of course, any River/Jayne shippers who wanna shed some light on where these fic trends came from, please speak up.
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Serenity scores in the 2005 EBI Awards

Hey guys -- a fellow Browncoat here to tell you that the winners of the 2005 Everything But Imaginary Comic Book Awards have been announced, and Serenity won in the "Best Adapted Comic" category. Forty winners in twenty categories, both my own choices and as voted on by the readership at Comixtreme.com. To find out if your favorites won, just click on the banner!

Dog - River DOOM


I'm not a great icon maker, but I had fun making these, thought someone else may want to use them.

-Pictures came from all over the net.
-Fonts from dafonts.com
-Brushes were Photoshop CE standard issue.
-Independents patch rendering courtesy of  dien

No credit needed. Textless icons can be bases, modify at will. Enjoy!


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