January 8th, 2006


First post...gods I hate being a newbie.

Okay, so I've been lurking here ever since I saw the movie Serenity...(which I loved btw).

And decided to make myself known and say hi!

So Hi. :)

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So again, thank you, hello to all, and I hope to be checking out some really shiny sites soon!

Also, does anybody know of any good Firefly/Serenity layouts for free accounts?

Oh and I like new friends. :-)

/end newbie post

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Lady Luck

I'm a little nervous that you guys have seen dozens of these before, but I've done a River vid. It's to Frank Sinatra's "Luck Be a Lady" and up at YouTube.com. Thanks!


[EDIT: By request, here are two downloadable versions: small (14.4 MB) and large (31.3 MB), both at ysi.com]


So what is everyone's all time favorite episode? I know it hard of thinking of just ONE as a fav, but try to. *winks* Anyway, I laugh at the episode when Malcom FINALLY gets some. Poor guy finally gets some action. Jayne takin' full advantage of the hotties, and Kaylee eyein' the men wonderin' if their services include the woman folk. *snickers*, Boy she needs some action too. River starin' at the pregnant woman sayin' "I wonder who's in there."<---I hope that's the right quote or close to anyway....correct me please-o. And poor Inara cryin' after findin' out Malcolm slept w/her friend.......ouch, that had to of hurt....though hid it well "I thought she would have had better taste."
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Serinity Stills

Hi, I'm looking for stills of Simon from the scene at the beginning of the movie where he breaks River out of the Institution and am having quite a bit of trouble. I am planning on making that costume, but I can't find any reference pictures. Can anyone help me out? Also, does anyone know where I can find t-shirts like the ones that Jayne wears?
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Alright, since Turticushi asked us our favourite episode I thought I'd ask everyones least favourite.

I was at the browncoat forum and it seems aLOT of people hate Heart of Gold, which I LOVE, so I was wondering if it's just them being crazy.

Mine would probably be... this is so hard to choose... but I'd have to say 'Shindig'. I LOVE Kaylee and Cap't Tightpants but I think the episode got kindof drag-gy. Maybe I was just WAY too tired when I last watched it though, because how could an episode with Kaylee looking so damn cute be one of my least favs? I must have been REALLY tired.

So, what's everyone else's least favourite?

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so, where can a girl get some really excellent (not-official) serenity wallpapers? i checked fireflyfans.net, but their media section seems to be... not working.

edit: okay, so the wallpaper section doesn't seem to be working, but there doesn't seem to be any organization to their images section :-\