January 9th, 2006

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really random question...

I've been wondering about this for awhile, and have no idea as to whether or not anyone would have an actual answer, but I'm gonna ask anyways...

The Alliance is a combination of China and US (duh), but currently China is a communist nation, while the US has a federal capitalist system. So my question is, what kind of government and economic system is the Alliance? I'm guessing federal government with a capitalist economy just by what I've seen, but I'm just wondering if anyone really knows for sure. It also makes me wonder then if there was some giant war, before the war between the Alliance and the Browncoats, between China and the US to claim dominance.
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..I'll come to the reason for the header in a moment.

Hi I'm new to the community, and I'm a big fan of Firefly among many others. I love Firefly mostly because it's a good sci-fi without the sci-fi getting in the way. It's a great space-western, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who adores Kaylee. I offer three connections (there may be so many more) between Firefly and The X Files (hence the header of this message.)

  • I'm sure everyone knows Adam Baldwin was the alien bounty hunter in Season Two of The X Files ("Colony" and "End Game")

  • The Season One episode of The X Files, "Fire" features a certain Mark Sheppard, playing the pyrokinetic bad guy, Cecil L'ively. Browncoats will instantly recognise him as Badger.

  • Kaylee - an X File? But yes indeed - Jewel Staite appeared in Season Three in the Episode "Oubliette", as 'Amy Jacobs.

    Are there any more X-File/Firefly connections? Oh and please let me know if any of the three above facts were unknown by any of you before.

    - Craig.
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    Hey all you crazy Browncoats--this is a_leprechaun signing in as the newest member of the comm. I was introduced to Firefly last September, when my fellow geeks were gearing up for the movie--thus I got to have the complete Firefly/Serenity experience in about a week. And of course, I still love it (though I did have to go through a month-long period of mourning after Serenity, and not just cause there was no more to see. IF you catch my drift).

    I do a lot of fanworks for my various fandoms--fics, icons, and more recently movies. The following is my second attempt at a fanvideo (my first was for the under-appreciated HBO series, Carnivàle). I hope you'll watch and enjoy. :)


    a_leprechaun out.
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    Punk Hangeng

    Nathan joining Adam at MR

    Moonlight Rising is very pleased to announce our newest headliner....Captain Malcolm Reynolds himself....NATHAN FILLION!

    Nathan will be signing autographs, doing a Q&A as well as attending the diamond party & the banquet. He will also be doing a photo shoot by himself & one with Adam Baldwin so if you want a picture with Mal & Jayne here's your chance. Join us in welcoming Nathan to MR.

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