January 13th, 2006

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Music video

Just finished this one last night. I've never made one quite like this before. A lot of it is set to the music, not the lyrics, and I'm kind of pleased with how it worked, so watch it and let me know what you think.

"Man" - A fun look at Captian Tightpants
(MegaUpload link)

My other Firefly vids are all found here

A request

Could someone who has the skills please do me a HUGE favor? I would like to see a montage of Mal scenes done to the song Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. If you could get it to match up lyrically, it would absolutely make my day.
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Heeeey guys
I'm posting for the first time here ever (yay!)
Here we go...

On a recent snowboarding trip I met a cool dude named Chuck.
When I first saw him, it came to my attention that he had a striking
resemblance to Jayne. Not only his looks, but his personality and the way he spoke
as well. Qualities that make him a blast to hang out with for sure.
So I took some pictures of him that I wanted to show to all of you

What do you all think? No, Yes, Maybe a little bit of likeness?:

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Most likely you all haunt Whedonesque too, so this is just a cross posting, but...
SFX is currently running a poll on their website about which captain you would most want to fly with. And Mal is winning! After all, who else's crew would you be on when you can fly with Captain Tight Pants? Go vote! (Scroll down to almost the bottem, it's hiding on the left)

Also, for those of you who use gmail- you can use those handy new webclips to get Whedonesque and FireflyWiki (and most likely lots of other fun fandom goodies) to feed right into your mailbox (yes, even stuffonmycat.com!). Just go to settings --> webclips and then put Whedonesque (or whatever) in the search box and click add. Yay gmail!
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You know when your obsessed when....

Well I believe my power supply is failing/broken and I was about to tell another browncoat that my buffer panel is broken.And I've only watched Serenity about 5 times(Including how many times in theater)

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I'm looking for a wallpaper (or just an image- can't forget what it was designated as) that someone posted here a little while ago. It was a River-centric piece, black and white I believe. Someone had photoshopped River's face/features onto a picture of Rachel Leigh Cook (I think that's who it was), and there was some writing down one side of the picture. If anyone knows what I'm talking about/could tell me where to find it, I would be vera thankful ;)