January 14th, 2006


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My baby boy and I are up early today, and watching Dracula 2000 on tv. I saw it in the theater, and wanted it even then. I remember that the cast were all pretty much unknowns.

But now... the first guy he kills? Plays Hyde on That 70s Show. The chick on the plane? Is the latina on Spin City. And the priest?


I die!

Now I'm looking at IMDB: Jeri Ryan! Sean Patrick Scott! Christopher Plummer! Eeeeee!
FF Zoe Die trying
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The man they call Jayne

Okay Firefly people!

I'm in need of a bit of help. A little while back when I was randomly surfing Firefly sites and journals of people within the firefly fandom, I found a website that had replicas of Jayne's awesome t-shirts. I could have sworn I bookmarked it,but apparently not. Now, I'm near positive it wasn't a cafepress store, because I remember there being pictures of Jayne's shirts next to the ones to buy, and a black background. I've gone through my history for the last 3 weeks with no such luck.

Does anybody out there know what site I'm talking about?
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