January 16th, 2006


Naughty Words!

What I love about Firefly is that the naughty language is spoken in Chinese. I've been trying to find out what the phrases actually are. I only know Tzao-gao! and Go-se though I dunno what they actually mean. I tried to transcribe from the DVD subtitles but all I seem to get is "(SPEAKS IN INTERGALACTIC LANGUAGE)"

So the question: Is any of what they say actual Chinese, or do they ad-lib it? If it is Chinese, does anyone actually know what the phrases are, and what they mean?

Just wond'rin.

- Craig.

PS : Sorry If this been posted before - I looked back but didn't spot any mention.
joss road less travelled


I just wanted to say what excellent artists we have in this community. I am continually impressed by your works of art and I'm so glad you choose to share them with us. I'm using nutkin's second River wallpaper right now and I've saved many of the others to use later.

Thank you all for being such a talented and genial group, and thank you queenginny for being such an on-top-of-things mod and taking such good care of my baby.


So how obsessed are you with Firefly if you....

- see a sign on the side of the road that says "Leaver Associates" and you freak out?
- not ten minutes later, see a sign that says "Serenity Farms" and you quickly look over toward the barn to see if you can spot a familiar shape?
- see a bunch of fireflies darting around outside your window and debate whether to catch one and name it Serenity?
- have a friend named Kaylie and insist that she's spelling her name wrong?

Add away. ;)
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