January 18th, 2006

Candycorn Vampire, MS Paint Adventures, Problem Slueth

I know this doesn't make much sense, but...

This won't sound at first like it's related to Firefly, but bear(bare? baer?) with me. Ever since High School(almost 10 years) I have for some reason started talking with a british accent when I get nervous. It's a weird defence thing in my brain or something. The more stressed I get the more I become Giles from Buffy. And not "Ripper" Giles either. Anyway, at work today I noticed that my accent(which is not good, and hardly accurate) has become more like Badger. I have no idea when this happened, or why, it just did. So, there I was, trying to help about 5 people at once and finding that my innerself is calmer the more I try to figure out a way to say "that only matters to the people on The Rim", but as it is a fairly specific quote, no doing. Mostly what happened was I still had the accent, but had less of the stuttering and stammering that usually accompanies my being stressed. For those of you wondering, I work retail. I was hoping that I would become so stressed that I would suddenly get a Very Fine Hat, but it sadly didn't happen. Uh, that is all. And yes, I am aware of how crazy this sounds, just be aware that I'm aware of how crazy I am, so since I know I'm crazy I can't be crazy because crazy people think they're sane. Also, I'm a fanboy by nature. I use "Some people juggle geese" as a reasonable answer when people talk about different cultures, and then do the whole "About a year before I met you..." speech, usually changing "lived on a moon" to "lived in a small town". You'd be amazed by the number of people that believe it. Then I promote Firefly and run off into the sunset. Or go back to Shoes and help people find the shoes they want. Oh, one last thing(I swear it's the last thing)! There's a shoe by the company Skechers called "Serenity". Everytime someone asks me to check in the back I bring it out saying "Oh, look we had one, Shiny." or "Gorram, it doesn't look like we have anymore.". No one has responded with any Firefly comments yet though. :(