January 20th, 2006


Hey kids, I have a terrible urge to ramble and ask questions on opinions and such.

So, for Christmas my brother decided, though he has never seen the show, to give the complete series as a gift. And somehow, even while owning the box set, I managed to send in my college applications, but believe me it wasn't easy.

But the gift within the gift was, I was reading the back and suddenly realized that I had NEVER seen "Out of Gas"! I was so excited. I saved it for a moment when I was in a bad mood (friends being lame on New Years Eve early morning) and it totally made everything better. Anybody notice that about "Firefly"? It is a make everything better-er?

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Hi from the black + new vids

Hi everyone. I regularly visit FFF.net, but this is my first time stumbling across this community. Some really interesting conversations going on here.

I'm pretty new to the verse, but I love it crazy. Ditto for doing Firefly/Serenity music videos, which I just started last week. If you're interested in a River or Inara vid, you can see them here: http://bradcpu.livejournal.com/297.html

Anyway, nice to meet everyone.

Firefly themed Decos?

I'm an avid swapper and pen-paller and I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in swapping Firefly themed decos/slams? I'm going to put together a couple, and I would eventually like to have one per character and a group one. If you're curious about what these items are, I put a little information under Collapse )