January 23rd, 2006

Lei Lei

Firefly on Demand? Woo Hoo!

Don't know much about this just yet, but I just saw a commercial on TV that Comcast Digital Cable is doing a "Sci-Fi on Demand" month with (among other things) every single episode of Firefly!

Granted, a bunch of us already have the DVD box set, but now we can just tell folks to go home and turn on their On Demand thing if they have it!

My roommate is watching TV right now, so I can't check it out for more details at the moment...but I will later!

Yet another introduction...

Well, now I know I've succumbed to true geekdom in all of its loveliness for the first time in eons.

My girlfriend turned me on to "Firefly" when the "Serenity" movie came out. Subsequently, I got her the DVD set for her birthday and the movie DVD for Christmas, and we've been watching episodes on and off since then. I've only seen 4 episodes so far (including the pilot) as well as the movie, but I'm already a fan of the show. Too many good shows get the ax these days, and most of them are ones I either like at the time or eventually get to be addicted to, and "Firefly" is no different. *sigh*

About Me: 31 as of today, in St. Louis Missouri, clerical worker by day and musician/remixer by night. Going through a flux of gender and orientation issues, although it's an interesting journey to end up on. Book geek - mostly Stephen King and Piers Anthony - and computer geek since 1984.

Hope to see some good convos up here. Any good websites about the culture represented on "Firefly"?

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Everytime I see those UPS commercials that say, "What can Brown do for you?" I think of my captain. One of you talented folks should make some kind of banner or parody ad or something :-) (apologies if this has been posted before)
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What did they do before they had a doctor?

I'm not trying to be facetious, but what did the crew do about medical issues before Simon joined up? It seems every other episode, someone's been shot and he's taking care of their wounds. Seriously, before they had a doctor on Serenity, what did they do? Did Zoe just dress the wound best she could? Did they stop off on some world that would treat them?

My intro

Ok, so my brother, jarrow, made a post and included this community in it, and I simply could not resist.

My big bro is the reason I'm now a firefly fan. Granted, I'm not as much into as he is (yet) but I still find the show facinating all the same. i'll admit that I haven't finished watching all of the episodes and skipped out on seeing Serenity for this reason, but I promise I'm gonna make up for lost time as soon as I can, so please don't get too much on my case, ok?

My Bio: I'm a 19 year-old straight-bi male from Atlanta, currently going to college near Savannah. Been a video game addict forever, and I'm slowly branching out. Big on the alternative rock scene; spreading out into hip-hop and techno because I am a dancing machine. I'm musical out the ass, been singing for a veeeeeery long time. Basically just an open guy who's always up for checking out something new.

Lookin forward to better times!!

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Serenity 3rd Best Reviewed SFF of 2005



Based on the short-lived TV series "Firefly," "Serenity" reunites the series creator and cast members for one last hurrah on the big screen -- and earns its validation as the third-best sci-f-/fantasy film of 2005. With an adjusted score of 73.69 and a Tomatometer of 80%, "Serenity" is a treat for both fans and newcomers. "Even if you aren't one of the 'Firefly' faithful," said Steven D. Greydanus of Decent Films Guide, "'Serenity' will give you some insight into why other people are."