January 24th, 2006


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Now, please excuse the impending blonde/idiot/duh moment, but:

I just found out/discovered that Adam Baldwin is in no way related to the 'Baldwin brothers'. I always thought there was something that set him apart from that family franchise.

Talent, maybe?

It's hard to put my finger on.

I don't have anything against the Baldwin brothers, but I'm not a big fan, either. I also don't mean to offend any fans of their work. They have made a few good movies between them, I'll admit. But nothing that sets them apart from the rest of Hollywood.

Anyway, my infinite love for Adam Bladwin has just multiplied even further.

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Animated Gif, Avatar for share

Hello friends and strangers! :-)

I didn't spend much time on LJ lately, so I don't know if something like this has already been posted (in that case I apologise). I made a new avatar from the fruity oaty bars commercial, which doesn't want to leave my ears. *humm* *fruuuity oaty bars, fruuuuuuity oaty bars..* (no wonder it made River go crazy, btw.)
So I thought I'd share, even if I'm not really good in making those things.

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Feel free to take and enjoy (or alter to your likings)... although I wouldn't mind comment/credit, certainly :-)
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Comcast goofs

Comcast--which is the cable service in the Pacific Northwest, for the most part, so I don't know how many folks here have heard this--is pimping for everything it's worth the month of "sci-fi" programming. They have such features as all the Star Trek films, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, programming related somehow (in their minds) to "sci-fi" (like the E! True Hollywood Story report on the Poltergeist series)...and they're selling episodes of Firefly.

That's the good news. Here's the bad news, a word-for-word quote that the woman in the vaguely Star Fleet-ish uniform spouts brightly about once an hour:

"Set five hundred years in the future, Fireflies are spaceships whose crews plunder and loot the universe."


Well, at least they're offering up Firefly episodes for purchase. That must mean they think they're going to sell...
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*falls over*

I should stop making these, it's just I've wanted a movie editing program for ages and now that I've finally got one, I think I'm addicted. Anyhow, I just finished three new movies I've been working on on and off again over the last little while, and while they kind of irritate me (Windows Movie Maker randomly puts these little clips of the footage you use into your vid), the program was crashing so much by the time I finished the Zoe video, I didn't want to fight it over nitpicky things like weird flashes of images and synchronisation. It's weird for me to watch them, because I'd planned out the concept for "Mood Rings" back when I first started making videos, and it's so different from the two newer ones. But enough of this pointless jabber. On to the videos!

"St. Jimmy" - Saint Jayne. Enough said.
"Mood Rings" - The women of Firefly
"Dance On It" - Zoe, and thanks to quackaquacka for letting me know who sings the song.

MegaUpload links here in case the ones above have expired.
Firefly - Jayne - Belt

Firefly RP

Very Special Hell is looking for players. We need Zoe, Inara and River. Secondary characters, such as Yo/Saf/Bridge, Badger, etc. are welcome.

The game is set post "Objects in Space" and takes place before the BDM.

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