January 26th, 2006

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"Hamsters is nice..."

There's been a lot of introductions going on lately and I would like to throw my introduction out there. I've been really enjoying all these LJ communities devoted to the 'verse and our big damn heroes.

Me? 32 yo, in the big damn San Francisco bay area. I'm an aspiring writer and I work in a wine shop. I also pursue music and I'm pretty bad ass in the kitchen. I've written the occasional FF fic here and there and I throw a shiny shindig.

I first got into Firefly when I read an article in the paper about the 'Serenity' pre-screenings. I got the basics, Fox cancelled Firefly, the Firefly dvds sold like mad, and Universal backed a movie. Neat.

On the recommendation of a friend, I downloaded the first couple episodes of Firefly. As soon as Kaylee ate that strawberry and Jayne made that gynecologist joke, I was hooked. I knew I had found something fun and unique and by the time I got teary-eyed at the end of 'Out of Gas', I knew I was a fan...

I need more Browncoat friends. Add me if you like. Questions, answers, comments, recipes, everything is always appreciated. I'm on Yahoo msngr sometimes - i'm bluetangents on there.

Stay shiny folks. Keep flyin'
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sorry if this's already been noted

Zoe is in 24!! I've been going through season 3 with my buddies while waiting for my Firefly DVD set to arrive (FINALLY) here in Tokyo and there's Gina Torres. Somehow I can't keep myself from yelling at the screen, "What are you so scared of? You can KILL HIM WITH YOUR PINKY!" hehe.
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There's a popular geek-news site, slashdot, and this was recently seen on there:
from the anything-to-bring-it-back dept.
ovanklot writes "It seems that Brilliant Screen Entertainment is looking to see if there is an audience for a second season of the science fiction show FireFly. From the article: 'It's possible that subscribers may choose one of three playback options; monthly DVD deliveries, TV On-Demand using your cable or satellite provider, or computer viewing via Streaming Download.'" They are asking folks to fill out a short survey (clicky) to gather demographics for support in their efforts to get Fox to release the show to them. The site also stresses that they want neither money nor confidential personal information.

That's all (:
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hey guys... dunno if anyone here knows what i'm talking about but in an image search i had found a picture of jayne in a motivational poster that read
"mal and zoe"
and under it was "now something about that is just down right unsettling."

if anyone has it or knows where i can find it, i'd really appreaciate it thanks
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Quote ambiguity - "War Stories"

This has been on my mind, and I respectfully plea for clarification from the masses. What do YOU think this quote means? Cut for your viewing pleasure.

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As a final note, I have a beautiful moment to share. As we began this session of our Fest, which also coincided with my 21st birthday, I asked my guests if they wanted to eat pie first or commence with the Firefly. My friend Ben, who I introduced to the show merely a week prior to this gathering, looked at me with a gravely serious expression and said "Amber...

there hasn't been a second since we started the first episode that I haven't wanted to watch Firefly."

I thought I might cry and welcomed him into my world.
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