January 27th, 2006


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hi. i occasionally read this community but this is my first time posting. i remember seeing a post here (i'm pretty sure it was here) back in december by someone who made a firefly calendar. i didn't have a color printer at the time but now i do and i'd love to print it out. i went through the archives but there are tons of posts to sift through and i couldn't find it. anyone have any idea what i'm talking about? if you're not sure which one i mean, i definetly remember that kaylee was april (that's the month of my birthday. heh). it was so shiny! i'll do a happy dance if i find this.

spokesman speaks to Sci Fi Wire about the person behind FireflySeason2.com.

Will Firefly Season Two Fly?

A spokesman for Joss Whedon, creator of Firefly and its spinoff movie, Serenity, told SCI FI Wire that Whedon hasn't heard of Ace Underhill, an entrepreneur who said he is trying to acquire the rights to the SF TV franchise for purposes of mounting a second season to be distributed in alternative media. "Joss doesn't really know anything about that guy, and I don't really think he has a comment," Whedon's spokesman said in response to questions about Underhill's efforts.