January 28th, 2006


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So I have two ideas in my heard for a Firefly icon, but unfortunately I lack both the talent and software to create them, so I am turning to you guys :D

1. I want the scene from the pilot with Wash and the Dinosaurs. I want one that flashes and shows Wash playing with he dinos, then when the dinos talk show either the actual dino he uses, or a cartoon/photo of it by itself (white background??) and then I don’t know exactly what at the end.

2. Something with the theme song. I know I want the picture of Mal at the end of Out of Gas, where he is looking at Serenity and has that smile on his face. Oh I love that scene; it makes me re-fall in love with Firefly every time I see it :D

I would appreciate it if someone could help me out, I know the first one sounds all planned out but really have fun with it. :D

Oh and as a side note can anyone make Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends icons??

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Firefly Novels?

Here's a thought: Whenever I go into a bookstore (which is very often these days), I'm struck by the sheer volume of Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, X-Files, and other literature based on sci-fi film and TV. I've yet to see any written Firefly work, though. You s'pose there are any brown-coated professional authors out there who might be tossing around the idea? Better yet, do you s'pose Uncle Joss would be cool with it?
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Plot Question

So I'm coming into this fandom somewhat gradually... I hadn't been one to really glom on to a series, save for Red Dwarf (sci-fi-British-comedy... 'nuff said!). My girlfriend has been bringing her "Firefly" DVD's over every weekend; we had already seen "Serenity" and the pilot prior to all this. Last weekend, it was "The Train Job," "Bushwacked," and "Shindig." This weekend was "Safe" and "Our Mrs. Reynolds."

One thing that my g/f Allison had pointed out in "Safe" is how in the frag could Shepherd Book get treated so well by the Alliance? Al didn't think that it ever got explained either in the show or the movie. Collapse )So the question bugs me...

Any theories on this?

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