February 1st, 2006

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I work at a video store and tonight (well, last night, now..) I was informed by one of the girls I work with that when she was straightening up things in the store, she found that someone had stolen two discs of TV shows out of their cases..one being a disc of Deadwood which I didn't care about..but the other disc was a disc of....that's right, Firefly. Disc 2 to be exact. :( I was actually in disbelief when she told me and I had to look it up in the computer just to make sure. There are locks on every DVD we have in the store but they somehow got it off, took the disc out, put the lock back on and put the case somewhere where it wasn't supposed to be. I just want to find whoever it was and smack the crap out of them.
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Seriously, who steals one disc of a TV show? And why did it have to be one of my favorites? :(
I wouldn't be so mad/sad if we had more than one copy of the set in the store but we don't. :/ I guess this just pushing me more to actually have to buy it instead of getting it from work whenever I wanna watch the show.

On the upside, I did sell a couple copies of Serenity the past few nights I've worked. :D
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I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere that I could get the music from the series and the show. I've looked but haven't had much luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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New Jayne video

Just passing along my fourth Firefly music video, which focuses on Jayne. It's mostly comedic but with a little bit of a character study-ish message. I was shooting for a style that matched the character - very abrupt, kind of goofy, lots of action. Sometimes funny, sometimes not so much. It's definitely different... much like Jayne.

Song: Born Too Slow, The Crystal Method
Length: 3:10
Character: Jayne
Spoilers: Footage from every episode, but heavy on Ariel
Format: WMV

Two sizes

856x480 - 26.4MB

428x240 - 11.3MB

I'm going to post this to a couple other communities as well. Hope everyone enjoys.

newbie post and link

Well, I suppose I should first introduce myself. I'm a sophomore in college who is not only a newbie to this community but to Firefly in general. I kept hearing great things about the show online so I saw the movie, loved it, and proceeded to purchase the Firefly DVDs. Anyway, I figured I'd post to say that I recently noticed Serenity was nominated for the Moviegoer award of "Unsung Gem". It's certainly not an Oscar, but if anyone wants to spam the website shamelessly here is the link: http://movies.aol.com/moviefone_moviegoer_movie_awards/2006?category=11


I am looking for an icon.....

Book, in gold tones.... with text "going to a special level of hell", or something like that.

I want to add it to my personal favorites and give the correct credit, but now I can't find it.