February 5th, 2006

Calvin and Hobbes.

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Remember earlier in the week, when I posted about how a disc of Firefly (and Deadwood) got stolen from our store?

Well...I found them! :D Somehow, whoever "took" them, just took them out of the case and put them underneath one of the racks of movies in the Foreign section (while FF is two sections and four racks away in Sci-Fi). I was dustmopping before my shift ended last night and I noticed something under the rack..and there were the discs, one on top of the other with the Firefly disc on top. I literately dropped the sweep right in the middle of the aisle and ran to the front of the store with them. My shift manager (who also was the one that found the empty cases) was just as excited that I found it than I was. :D

We're guessing they tried to steal it and one of us walked by or they got spooked or something. Either way, I'm glad it was found. :D
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